What's An "Apostate" To Do Now???

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  • minimus

    Now that we're out of the "cult", what's an "apostate" to do???

  • Simon

    Live a good life, prove the WatchTower a lie.

  • harleyquinn

    do all the things that we were never 'supposed' to do...have fun and LIVE!

  • vitty

    LIVE. I was in the supermarket today, and I just stopped and thought, god im ALIVE, now today , not tomorrow in the new system, but now, so I bought a big bar of choclate and a bottle of wine and im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no field sevice tomorrow, a lie in on Sunday, appreciating every minute with my husband, thats paradise.

    And thats it do NOTHING unless you want to bliss!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Sleep late on weekends.

    Follow some of the prime-time shows that play during meeting nights.

    How about some community volunteer work?


  • minimus

    Meeting nights ------ what's that again????

  • undercover

    Aren't Saturdays great? Stay up late on Friday and sleep late Saturday morning. I like to go to a local diner and eat breakfast while reading the paper. I'm usually there in my old ratty jeans and some "questionable" t-shirt around 10:30 or so when a group of dubs come in on "break" wearing suits and dresses.

    It's funny the reaction I get. Some of them actually come over and speak and we chat for a few minutes. Those are the cool ones who I can tell are a little envious. Oh, who am I kidding? They're a lot envious. They'd give anything to get out of that suit on a Saturday morning and join me.

    Others sit across the way, ignoring me, but chancing furtive glances every so often. I'm not sure why. I guess they think I'm gonna start speaking in tongues or sprout some kind of devil wings and they want to make sure they witness it. Then they'll whisper to each other while trying to look like they aren't looking at me. They think they're sharp and aren't being caught but it's just like in service when you rang the bell and the householder moved one blind about a quarter inch to peek out and then didn't answer the door. What? You thought I didn't see that. You fool. HAHAHAHAHA

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Manage 6 (and counting) Ex JW support/apostate sites and blogs.

    Post in dozens of forums.

    The hits just keep on a coming......

  • shotgun

    According to the WTBTS we are supposed to sink into a low state of debauchery...Jesus and I don't even know how to use a bow and arrow.

  • Confucious

    Learn to love the Christ - again.

    Love our families.

    Love God and your neighbor - as this is the whole extent of the law.

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