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  • under74

    Tresbella- The last post I wrote was in response to your second post. And there were only 2 others beside me before you responded again about people "hating" for your vow. I don't think any of the three responses were hating at all. I didn't bring up your vow in my post because I could care less if you decide to be celibate or's a personal issue and none of my business. But I just want to make it clear that for my own post and from what I read in Czar's and Narkissos' post--they weren't judgemental.

  • Fe2O3Girl

    Hi Tresbella -

    I am one of the people who replied to your Questions that need Answers Part 1 thread, which you have not bothered to go back and reply too. Were our replies helpful? Have you read them? Who knows.......

    As for this:

    Excuuuuuse me for wanting to not have to worry about crabs, preganancy and wasting money on pricey condoms for awhile. I made my vow and I did it for myself; not for anyone else. Just b/c I don't necessarily believe in the WT anymore does not mean I should just fly off the handle and tottally become this "ohhh, I can have sex, lie,cheat and steal and not have to worry about feeling guilty" mentality. I feel good about my decision. everyone who's hating can BURN. You've all seemed to pay no compassion for the ones who are still young and still stuck in 2 worlds. So much for no judging. -TRESBELLA

    Oh yes, so much for not judging.

    Between being married (as a virgin!) to a JW, and my current very happy marriage to a non-JW, I had a very satisfying and active sexual life. I did not contract any STDs, did not end up pregnant, because I had a responsible attitude to safe sex and contraception. DO NOT believe the hype. In the 21st century, there is no reason for sex to be dangerous.

    AND another thing, No, I don't believe the WT anymore, and YES, I "fornicated" as you so non-judgementally put it, and NO I did not go around lying, cheating and stealing because I am a decent human being with or without any religion.

    If you choose at this time not to have a sexual life, good for you, your choice. There is no need to drag God into it, or insult everyone who makes a different choice.

  • jwbot

    Her narrow world view will hurt her in the long run...Unless she learns fast.

  • Midget-Sasquatch


    We're all going to be expressing our particular opinions, and sometimes a few will be diametrically oppossed. I wouldn't personally take others comments as insinuating you were a religious prude. They're expressing their own viewpoints and I believe they are doing it to help help foster a mindset where you refelct on and re-examine your own beliefs and standards. I believe they wanted to get across the idea of "don't do it just because OTHERS told you its so."


    P.S. As to how to control them nasty urges...I can send you a picture of myself in a bathing suit if you'd like...9 out of 10 struggling nymphomaniacs recommend it.

  • Nosferatu
    Excuuuuuse me for wanting to not have to worry about crabs, preganancy and wasting money on pricey condoms for awhile.

    I had premarital sex for 6 years. My wife is NOT the only woman I've slept with. I have no kids, I have no diseases, and condoms aren't that expensive (unless you're allergic to latex). The WTS has put these phobias in your mind. As long as you take the proper precautions, things won't end up the way the WTS says.

    Get yourself some information on birth control and STDs. That's one of the first things I did, and it has helped me a lot!

  • Narkissos


    I'm sorry if I came across as judgemental. Not that I care so much about your judgement, but as many people here I do care about you and people in similar situations.

    Nobody can harm you as much as you can harm yourself.

    Trying to protect oneself from oneself is the best way to badly harm oneself.

    Faith is also trusting one's own desire and living one day at a time.

    If somebody had told me this when I was your age (and a JW) I probably wouldn't have understood either.

    Take care,


  • Flash
    1.) ...I remember reading a scripture that says a promise made to God should be taken very serious. Anyone have any suggestions in how I can keep it?

    Yes, it is. I suggest you watch where you are, who your with and when. Above all, NO PETTING!!! Keep your clothes on, your legs closed and stay sober!

    >>>>Keep focused.<<<<

    4.) ....I was accused of asking too many unnecessary questions and was in risk of "independant thinking" and not "conforming to Jehovah's standards" (this was due to my relentless research and the more I found out about like organ transplants, inconsistincies in the wt and failed prohecies; the more I wanted to speak up )

    Do not surrender your mind Jehovah doesn't require it! You may have to keep your mouth closed for now. We're all free and independant within our minds.

    I don' t have my college degree yet, no car, no money. (I'm only 21) so until I become independant I can't just say I don't wanna be a wittness anymore and still be able to live at home...let's not forget the fact that I would have to quit school so I can start working at walmart just so i can get by). And all for what? Just so I can "be true to myself?" I got the rest of my life for that. -TRESBELLA

    You already know the answer Tres;

    ....can I just put on that stepford smile and pretend I'm that perfect angel that the elders want me to be?

    Play the game until your out on your own, and without guilt. 'Dumb like a Fox' remember?
    5.) Where do you draw the line between being a follower of God and not being one? Is it your actions or faith or both. Can you be an ax murderer and bank robber but at the same time have faith in God and still be considered a follower of God?

    First answer, We either live by His standards or we don't.

    Second answer, NO.

    6.) Am I still that generation that "may never get old" that I was always told when I was younger or has that changed? I don't hear that expression used anymore?

    I say yes, I don't hold to the Society's new view of 'the last generation.' I believe they had it right the first time.

    7.) So why is their crime, violence and everything else bad? Is it b/c God's sovereignty was tested like the WT teaching explains? What is your explanation.

    We are in the Last Days and things are only going to get worse until the GT and Armageddon arrive.

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