I was lied to............

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  • BrendaCloutier

    I love the robotic lawn mower our neighbor has. They have a couple acres and half is flat, so I occasionally see this yellow thing about the size of a gas mower without the handle silently going to it's boundary, turing 90, turning 90 again and mowing back.

    Moving sidewalks are in most of the larger airports. Lots of fun unless you're hoofing it on the sidwalk and come abruptly to the non-moving floor without paying attention to the warnings!

    Yes, we do have internet, cell phones with 2-way radio, pix & email capable, video phones. Solar powered parking meters. Actually, lots of smaller solar powered things, like lighted road signs, landscape lighting, etc.

    Unfortunately, US automakers have sent us in R for reverse with the steroidal trucks and SUV's that get well under 20mpg. And what's that Hummer all about, anyway? At least Japan is moving forward with the Hybrids. Hopefully, fuel cells are coming soon.

    Not quite what we were told to EXPECT when we were in school in the 60-s and 70-s, eh?



    PS, I like to cook. Forget cleaning, I'm a slob, when I can get away with it. Could use that robotic vacuum.... not likely to get it, though.

  • BrendaCloutier
    Um. Did it mention, this book of the future of yours, who wins the World Series in 2004?

    My book said Boston.... er was that bookie?

    ACLS was awesome eh?

    Brenda (of the only watches the championships of any sports class)

  • RunningMan
    Were is my moving sidewalk

    At the airport.

    , flying car

    Right here (Oh, and don't forget your personal space rocket - now a thing of the present):

    Flying car more economical than SUV By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco Published Saturday 15th May 2004 03:40 GMT

    NextFest Inventor Paul Moller has pulled off an astonishing achievement. He's found a parking spot in San Francisco. And we can be grateful for this, because his Flying Car is undoubtedly the draw at the technology exhibition NextFest (here until Sunday, at Fort Mason).

    It's just a prototype, but judging by the queues of eager children - of all ages - that clustered around his M400 SkyCar, he has the hit of the show. Moller has spent $200 million and many years of his life on this quixotic venture. We'll share the latest specifications with you.

    The M400 needs 35 clear feet to take off but thanks to its 770 hp engine can whiz to 365 mph - cruise control kicks in at 326 mph - and climb at 6,400 feet per minute. You may hear it before you see it: it emits a rather noisy 65 dba at 500 feet. Interestingly, with a fuel consumption of 20 miles to the gallon on the road, it's rather more economical than a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and looks positively eco-friendly compared to a Hummer.

    Moller said that today's economics give each M400 a theoretical price tag of around half a million dollars, but in volume production it could drop to $300,000 and in really large volumes to below $50,000. At which point, uh, look out! SkyCar
    Mirror... signal ... manoeuver

    Fans of dangerous vehicles may also want to see the EZ-Rocket that graces the outside arena, especially for the very frank safety literature that accompanies it (reproduced here). The EZ-Rocket is a home-made plane that crosses a rocket with a glider - the idea being to get up very fast indeed using an isopropyl alcohol and liquid oxygen rocket. Typical burn-out is within two minutes.

    "The pilot can dump the LOX [liquid oxygen] through a manual valve into the atmosphere," we learned. "Venting oxygen behind a 200 MPH glider is not hazardous. We've done this during a safe-abort flight." After drinks and light refreshments had been stowed away, we hope.

  • cruzanheart

    Flying cars, hell -- I WANT A TRANSPORTER!!! And a replicator.


  • xjw_b12

    I had a text book of that time period as well. And it suggested that Armegeddon was due in 1975

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    " In some quarters mechanical devices have already made us guys obsolete

    Hence 90's man learnt to cook, clean and hold a baby!!! "

    Nah - unfortunately the 'Rabbit' can't mow the lawn.

    Hooray for 90's man, just add ironing to the list and 2004's woman will be totally delirious!!!!!


  • kaykay_mp
    My home is supposed to turn on light, music and serve drinks base on my brainwaves.

    Well, what about "The Clapper"?

    clap on (CLAP CLAP), clap off (CLAP CLAP), clap on clap off, the clapper



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