I've actually gone and done it! I am no longer a Virgin.

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  • qwerty

    I got my first Tattoo. Yep I am no longer a tattoo Virgin, and I only passed out 3 times too!

    No, just joking it didn't hurt has much as I thought, in fact I could get addicted.

    I?ve be wanting one years before joining the ?Book Club?.

    I haven?t gone mad with a really massive one, just may name on my upper left arm in Japanese. It was done by a very attractive female Tattoo artist.

    When it?s healed I will take a pic and post it for anyone that?s remotely interested.

    Is it anyone else first time?


  • Englishman

    I wish that Concorde had become a Virgin too.


  • Billygoat

    I lost my tattoo virginity about 4 years ago. It's a Japanese kanji symbol that means "Born Again Into a Life of Vitality". It's how I felt that summer...like I'd been given a second chance. It's a mixture of sea green/aqua/cerulean blue and on my tailbone. I love it! But I totally understand the addictiveness. I've wanted another one since the moment this one was finished.

  • bull01lay

    Surprisingly addictive isn't it!! I'm still searching for ideas for my other arm !!

    Would love to see piccies of your tattoo!! My avatar is what I had done!



  • kls

    I got mine about five years ago on my ankle and want another. Just can't decide what i want or where i want to put it.

  • Princess

    I swore after my first that I wasn't going to get another.

    <------my second Tatt.

    My first is Steve's signature on my hip surrounded by little sparkly starts. I had a "Z" for my daughter Zoe, and an "R" for my son Rhys added to my hip when I got the runner on my ankle.

    I have more I'd like to do but I think less is more so I've had to call it quits.

    Can't wait to see the pics Qwerty.

  • qwerty

    At the moment I still have the pad on my arm. I can't wait for it to heal.

    Will have to use it as my Avatar also.

    Bull01lay- I nearly had one done like yours, but in the end I thought I'd stick to a simplish one. That might be my next one, Celtic or simular, might have my birth sign- Capricorn. Depends if the still JW wife will let me though!

    Princess - Nice Tatt, I like the less complicated ones to.

    kls - Anywhere but on the forehead, LOL

    Billygoat - I like the Yin - Yang symbol, just so I can see the JW in-law faces.

    Eman- You mean Richard Branson as got tattoos?


  • Valis

    way to go qwert! I'll be getting some new in in November and then again in January..


    District Overbeer

  • Angharad

    Waiting for pics here too

    I'm still a tattoo virgin - I've wanted one for ages but just havent got round to it (and I'm scared)

    This is one I like for lower back, but still haven't made up my mind - second one down.


  • qwerty

    Thanks Mr.V - The wife would prob divorce me if I had as many as you. Mmmmm now thats a thought! Your Tatts are very cool by the way!

    Angharad - I kept putting having one off, one reason because I became a rubber dub dub and the other because I had heard it was really painfull. I can tell you, got for it. there is more a small discomfort scratchy feel more than anything. If you've had kid's it will be a doddle! I like the one you've given the link to.

    Not this big I hope though???!!!


    I guess it depends if it's on that persons arm or back.

    Qwerty Tattman

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