Dolls/Stuffed animals.... what's your opinion?

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  • harleyquinn

    i love dolls (i call them action figures, darn it!) and stuffed animals...i even sleep with my stuffed puppies...i don't think there is anything 'weird' about liking any kind of toy when you're means that your inner child is still there and lovin' life! of course, i still read comics and play with my spirograph, so, maybe i am my inner child...haha

  • kls

    I love my stuffed critters and i have a trunk full of them besides the ones in my room. You are never to old to cuddle a stuffed critter, a doll may look a little weird since you are a guy but who am i to judge.

  • flower

    LOL! It was a joke hon..get over it. Hey as long as you dont carry it around with you everywhere you go or cuddle up with it at night instead of your woman.

    my son has always loved stuffed animals and things like that. He sleeps with several of them every night and has named everyone he has.

  • Valis

    One simply can't go to the State Fair of Texas and not win at least one stuffed animal.. Oh and I have a friend who lives near Durham in the UK that collects stuffed animals...he's not a poof...really...


    District Overbeer

  • jgnat

    My girlfriend, who is a Victims Services volunteer, has a trunk full of ziplocked teddy bears. "For children?" I asked. "For everyone", she told me. Teddy bears are comforting no matter what the age.

  • shotgun

    I love them but just in case they might have Demons I always set them on fire..

    Bastards at Toys R US are plain and simple a tool of Satan.

  • bem
    It was psychologically fascinating to watch each person's reaction to the big stuffed bear. The expectant dad hugged it, then passed it to the guy on his right. That guy held it out and made it do a little dance. The third person looked at it unemotionally and passed it on. Another one hugged it, and so on. Knowing these people as I did (most were attorneys), what each of them did with the stuffed bear reflected their attitude about other people and life in general. Very interesting.

    Nina, that is an interesting story

    I have all kinds of Dolls and Stuffed animals as mentioned I can't throw them away, But I do give them to young uns'.

    My Barbies are my favorites! and now that I have a grand-daughter folks don't talk bad about me when I play them as long as she's with me.

    I have some really cool cars also! I kept all the kids toys! the boys and my daughters.

    I'm a weird guy myself, maybe one of the weirdest on this board. I'm old enough now that I kind of like being different

    Okay but Big-T that leaves me to be the wierdest gal! hehe

    And thanks for adding this: and I'm beginning to understand that to begin to find happiness we must become the person we're supposed to be.
    What a great thought!
  • under74

    lol shotgun.

  • Stefanie

    I sleep with a big hairy stuffed dog..

    Its about 3 feet long and I love it...

    I think its cute when a guy likes stuffed animals

  • SixofNine

    Re: Dolls/Stuffed animals.... what's your opinion?

    My opinion doesn't matter, the Slave considers it pornia.

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