Dolls/Stuffed animals.... what's your opinion?

by outbutnotdown 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake
    I sleep with a big hairy stuffed dog..

    Its about 3 feet long and I love it...

    Wow! Three feet long? Your boyfriend sounds nice, Stef! LOL!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    the Slave considers it pornia

    Only if they're inflated.

  • Stefanie
    Wow! Three feet long? Your boyfriend sounds nice, Stef! LOL!


    I wish!

  • gumby
    the Slave considers it pornia.

    LMAO !

    Only if it's a human doll sixer. If it's an animal, it's beastiality, a sicker form of pornia, but pleasurable.


  • Stefanie

    Quit making me spit my soda out, ya Gumbeastpokinluva!

  • SAHS
    If it's an animal, it's beastiality, a sicker form of pornia, but pleasurable.

    Well, only if you make certain ?functional modifications? to a stuffed animal using a pen knife.


  • Billygoat
    i don't think there is anything 'weird' about liking any kind of toy when you're means that your inner child is still there and lovin' life!

    That's great! I still have the majority of my stuffed animals I had as a child. I still sleep with a stuffed monkey named Sam. But only until Mozz joins me in bed, then it gets lost in the covers.

  • LyinEyes

    I love dolls and stuffed animals,,,,,Denny is always winning me a stuffed animals from game machines. I still have my dolls and bears all over my bedroom, and my sister gave me a beautiful doll the other day.

    I agree with Big Tex that we do have an inner child that is usually right on the surface, and when we hold a doll or bear, we can't help but feel the old feelings we had as children.

    My oldest son has a stuffed animal that he has had since he was 6 months old and I got it out of the closet and showed it to him the other day. It has been years since he has seen his stuffed animal,,,,,,,,the look on his face was priceless,,,,,,,he had a look in his eyes I havent seen in many years,,,,just like he did when he was a toddler. Of course I had to talk like a beaver, ( that is what the stuffed animal is...hehe) and I said......." Oh Jake, you just threw me in the closet and you forgot about me,,,,,,,oh Jake I have missed you so much", and Jake said................." Mama , stop it!" as he looked a little sad. He wanted to make sure that I put his faithful ole friend back in the closet for safe keeping , so the puppy wouldnt chew him up.

  • outbutnotdown


    Very cute!!!!

    A lot of other good comments from all the other posts as well. I guess we're not weird if we are grown and still like stuffed animals even if we are men.......... Whew!!! I thought I was a freak there for a bit..... well, actually I am still a bit of a freak, but just not for that reason....


  • Badger

    I still remember a stuffed snoopy I had as a lad. I was attached to it. This summer, when I had the Badger Pup down, he brought a couple of stuffed animals...and then LOST IT when he discovered he left "Jenny," his stuffed panther, back home. I knew how he felt...

    Next day, we raided the local retail collective (the mall) and he immediately grabbed a small stuffed Racoon. "I'm gonna wreck your house!" it said, with Badger Pup's falsetto. What is it about children that puts them perfectly into character for stuffed animals?

    Now, my problem...


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