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  • dorothy

    REFUSE temptation? What? Huh?

  • BrendaCloutier


    Achilles tang.

    Do you feed it which chopsticks? I used to be a regular at a Viet. restaurant in Seattle (Tan Duc on Aurora at 100th Street) that had BIG tang in a very large aquarium. They hand-fed them shrimp and hamburger and veggies mix using chopsticks. Facinating to watch.


  • BrendaCloutier

    The last temptation I refused was:

    Throwing a hammer at my spousal unit during our remodel. I stomped out the door instead.

    Wait, does that belong in the "Are You Psycho" thread?


  • Odrade

    Haha! fed the fish with Chopsticks!!! LMAO.

    Man, marine fish will break your wallet.... smoke, fire... I'm going to be getting a lawnmower or sailfin blenny for my little marine tank soon, and I really want some corals, just waiting for the upgraded lighting.

    But the fishies I resisted were some African Kribensis (var. "bipindi"), absolutely beautiful freshwater fish, and the female is in full spawning colors. Alas, with the other aquatic operations in my house, I just have no room for one more tank right now, much less a grow out tank for the babies.

    Very addictive hobby.

  • gumby

    Well, I wasn't going to tell anyone but......the other day I heard about this real cool movie that just came out and I went to rent it. After I rented it and got almost all the way home I saw it was rated R and I was going to sneak and watch it anyway. I prayed to Jehovah for strength and ended up taking back the movie. I was so close to watching it you couldn't believe it!


  • cruzanheart

    It was "Fahrenheit 9-11," right, Gumby?


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Was it "Gumby and the Wild Sorority Girls of Planet Playtex"?

  • shotgun

    Gumby..inspirational posts like this are really what it's all about my friend..May God continue to bless and guide you as you search wholeheartedly through the satanic shelves of Blockbuster...Amen

    I prayed to Jehovah for strength and ended up taking back the movie. I was so close to watching it you couldn't believe it!


    I refused a Tim Hortons donut, thank God I was not tempted by Krispy Kreme...Jah did not allow me to be tempted by more than I could bare.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I was tempted today with the desire not to workout at the gym. I overcame the obstacle and was very happy once my aerobics and weights workout was done.

    Once again, another day down, I've conquered!

    The only temptation I seem to give into time and again is my non-healthy eating habits. Just love those hi-calorie carbs!!!


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Also, I work with a lot of guys and quite a few of them go out of their way to be nice; you know, the calls for no apparent reason just to say 'hi', and the dropping by my office to strike up conversations, plus the invitations here and there.

    I could've by now bagged a couple of them, but I'm happily married and much too inlove with hubby to pull such a sleazy thing as cheating.

    But, I tell you though, some days my evil thoughts have gotten the better of me and left me just wishing.... "Oh, what I wouldn't do to some of them if I could only get away with it".

    For the time being I consider them all just eye candy.


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