I need some answers. Had talk with mother but feeling extremely frustrated

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  • BrendaCloutier
    I gave it up to God. I realize that I can?t do it and that it?s not up to me.

    Azaria, that is powerful insight! So many people never get there, with whatever it is they are struggleing with.

    Since you gave it up to God, try not to take it back again. Difficult, I know. I bet you will seem some miracles in this.



  • IT Support
    IT Support


    is there anything that might make her think, that this org might be wrong?

    I thoroughly agree with M.J.'s comment. Get Captives of a Concept right away (www.captivesofaconcept.com). It is a superbly researched and documented book.

    It proves from their own literature why the Governing Body cannot be the 'faithful and discreet slave.' Once that is established, the rest should be a lot easier.

    Best wishes,


  • mustang

    "She doesn?t seem to truly comprehend things. If I say something or ask a question it seems that she is really not hearing me and rambles about something really not related. I will again ask the question but she has a really bad habit of not allowing me to finish what I was saying and talk over me. "

    This is quite case; you are not imagining things and are not alone. Due to the way that Dubz indoctrinate the followers and the "Sagans" of meetings attended (a Sagan is a unit of measurement: "BIL-YUNZ & BIL-YUNZ"), many of the Dub adherents "go on autopilot" and react with some scripture, fragment of a scripture or Dubz-related platitude. Typical are these:

    "?you have to do more?"

    "?you have to go to meetings?"

    "?you won?t get life?"

    "?where will you go?"

    This is especially the case with our parents, who may have been over-exposed to this indoctrination for decades. Their mind is numbed after a while.

    Sadly, you are not a child anymore; if you object, you merely become an "objection to be overcome".


  • tresbella

    Maybe nothing will putrightly have her thinking that the society is wrong esp having to do with dates and all but does she know about heir rediculous past teaching like organ transplants being cannibilisitic, vaccinations being against God and charles taze russels weird obsession with pyramids and what's that word that starts with an "A'?? someone help me out here...o.k well can't hink of it but ya'll know what i'm talking about..his obsession with te moos starts and stuff. Show the past articles from zion's wt and stuuf. You can find them all on the internet. There is this article at: www.tower totruth.net that has this article that does not refute the trinity (that would scare her away) but includes all the so called encyclopedias and wordly articles that the trinity brochure quotes from and how they left out sentences out and moved words around. Even if I was still a wittness full fledged I'd be shock!

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