Are you psychic?

by Frannie Banannie 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • LittleToe

    Moderately intrigued
    Now take the test - LOL.

    Good to see ya around, btw.
    I've not seen you here for a few weeks

  • Satanus


    I'm seeing brown, i'm sensing heavy aroma, i'm hearing a splat like sound. That can only be one of those chocolate iced coffees w icecream added.

  • Elsewhere

    I think I'm a psycho... does that count?

    You are moderately psychic.
    You really are quite psychic, so it's worth taking the time to investigate those aspects of the paranormal that interest you. Consider purchasing a dream interpretation book, a beginner's set of tarot cards, or the latest astrology book to see which tools best suite your personality.

    Newspaper ad I once saw:Psychic needed. You know who to call.

  • bem

    You are very psychic.

    But I knew it was gonna say that!

  • LyinEyes
    17: When you are angry or upset at home, do you find that dishes accidently break, appliances malfunction, light bulbs or fuses blow?

    Now this explains it all..........this happens to me all the time,,,,,,I have the worst luck with working movable parts and electricity. I figure I am just a klutz thou......hehe. But ya know? I am gonna be watching this one, to see if there is any merrit.

  • funkyderek
    Now take the test - LOL.

    I took it. It said I was moderately psychic. I think it should have asked some harder questions like "what number am I thinking of?" to help distinguish the genuine psychics from the woolly-minded daydreamers (if such a distinction can be made).

    Good to see ya around, btw.
    I've not seen you here for a few weeks

    Yeah, I've been on holiday in sunny Portugal. Back to crappy job and crappy weather now though

  • BrendaCloutier

    very psychic answered 2 ques. No.

    but I knew that, too.... known for years

    Was one day talking with a very close friend who lives far away, and she was saying how beautiful the sunlight reflection through the trees on her floor was, just as I was.... looking at the pattern on the floor made by the sunlight through the trees. I usually know it's her when she calls. We don't have caller ID, but I'll just not answer the phone sometimes cuz it's her and she can be very draining at times... and 9 of 10 times it is her. We only have to think of the other for a few days and they'll call, even when we haven't talked or though about each other for months. So, we're connected.

    Hey, I love the car radio bit. that's a hoot! Probably just a short in the radio wiring.

    A friend had an old mirror that whenever it was in the background in a photo, strange reflections would show up. Then they took pix of the mirror, and the same strange reflections would show up. I looked at the mirror and the silver was the same strange way the reflections would show up.... I never told, and just let them keep on believing it was "haunted".

    Well, we're coming to the time of year when the "veil" is thinnest between earth and heaven. Are y'all ready for Samheim? (Hallowmass or All Hallows Eve... aka Halloween) We buy bags of candy for the kids that never venture to our condo just so we can eat it ourselves!



  • hillbilly

    Actually I knew that this and all of your comments were going to occur long ago........ but I forgot it.

    Now I am suprised by all of it.... and the end times began in 1914 too


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I am only psychic with extreme trauma. I have a best friend from teenage years in Colorado, and when she or I is in trouble, we always call one another and we know that something is wrong. I also find myself being psychic with my son, and I always know when he is laying in his bed crying from his depression.. I wake up and feel extreme anxiety.

    Rural Territory Girl

  • maximumflash

    I can guess the number of fingers that I am going to hold up.... does this count?

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