Barren Jewish Women, and Stud Puppet Fertile Jewish Men.

by gumby 31 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Mecurious?

    When you read this scripture, it's a wonder that there are any JW elders at all. Half of them are bastards and the other half have no balls.

    What about the ones with half a ball?


  • gumby

    Scully, ya little peekin in the brothers bathroom girl you! How'd ya know half the Elders didn't have a full set? You got me crackin up there girl!

    Shotgun, I forgot about ye ol' Jehovers law on kickin out all the guys with one nut.......poor bastards! Where the hell did these guys go and how did they explain their exiled condition? Did they tell one of the caananite tribes they went to..." I was playin baseball, and I got hit in the left nut and got gangreen and my dad had to cut it off........can I come live with you guys?" Betcha he didn't get no hot pagan women!

    RM, I'll bet the women kinda liked it when they had to go to the unfertile jews goodlookin brother to have a kid eh?

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