Did You EVER See Yourself Leaving This Religion??/

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  • BrendaCloutier

    In my teens I couldn't see myself as not being a JW for the rest of my life, even though I began to question some of the doctrine and wasn't getting intelligent reasonable answers from my parents.

    During this time our cong. split and "I" was left behind. All my friends got moved to the new hall, the new congregation, but my dad, being the elder he was, was asked to stay with the old cong. because of lack of leadership within the new boudaries.

    When I moved to another city (12 miles away from home) to my new husbands congregation, I saw and heard things right away that just weren't right (before we got married). The congregation I was raised in was honest supportive joyous and loving compared to the one I moved to - married into.

    I asked my dad about the things I was seeing, and he confirmed that "they" were way out of line, but there was nothing he could do about it. I discussed it with the circuit overseer, but he said he couldn't "see" it as he knew these elders for years (so did I, I grew up with their kids), and since I was the only one with "issues" maybe I was incorrect.

    I checked out a few others in the area and found more or less the same haughty, hypocritical attitudes. Wwithin a year I couldn't see myself remaining a JW. Without realizing it, I had begun to fade. Mostly because I just couldn't stand to attend and subject myself to the BS.



  • minimus

    Brenda, the Circuit Overseer will never go against the elders.

  • BrendaCloutier
    Brenda, the Circuit Overseer will never go against the elders.

    Yeah, I know. Especially if the information is from a lowly woman. I was so frustrated that I had to try... Their loss, and ultimately my gain Bren

  • IT Support
    IT Support

    Thanks for your feedback.


    IT, you start with slowly integrating your kids with the "world".

    Anything specific you'd suggest or found helpful with your own kids...?


    Plus, if your strong parents and have a loving, honest relationship with your kids they'll follow you anywhere.



    Ken, if you allow your kids to get involved with after-school activities, and pick their own elective interests in school, join clubs or do sports, they should have no trouble making additional friends.

    These are great ideas, thanks.

    The society will make you think you can't make true friends outside of the organization. Now, we all know that's not true for us... but on some level I'm wondering if you might be holding on to something telling you that it might be true for your kids.

    I totally agree that WT uses its 'bad association' teaching as yet another form of control.

    I know that some congregations also have either few youngsters or a 'worldly' bunch of kids. The problem, unfortunately in our case, is that our local congregation has a bunch of really good, 'nice,' kids, whom my kids far prefer over their school friends.

    I really just wondered if anyone had any personal experience. On the other hand, this is hijacking Minimus' thread. Thanks again.



  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Funny how being in "The house of God, Bethel" will not prevent you from leaving the "truth".

    Au contraire, Minimus: the number of former Bethelites who left there disillusioned, with their idealism in tatters, is legion.... count me as one.

  • LittleToe

    I never thought I would leave. I believed it all, having been indoctrinated from birth.
    Our congregation was pretty dull, but I set about trying to change that, and partially succeeded.
    After a few years it had the most uplifting singing in the Circuit, and the kids enjoyed being involved in some of the items. I somehow managed to get the best out of them on the TMS, too.

    That turned around within two months flat, and I spent the final four months in researching the WTS and reinfocring the correctness of my decision to leave. I also took a little time to start making some new acquaintences, some of whom have become firm friends.

  • minimus

    Yes Room, I know many who live there but seem to wink at everything that goes on because as Peter said, "Where else are we to go?"---(I know Peter didn't say it like the WT. says it).......IT, as a child, my daughter ONLY associated with other JWs. When she got into the workplace, as she got older, she integregated herself with the others and LIKED them!! My limited experience tells me that to leave the religion you MUST make friends with the "world" first. Invite a neighborhood kid or 2 to your house and play it by ear.

  • IT Support
    IT Support


    My limited experience tells me that to leave the religion you MUST make friends with the "world" first. Invite a neighborhood kid or 2 to your house and play it by ear.

    I totally agree, it's just how to best go about it.

    Thanks again,


  • codeblue


    I was raised in it....

    After seeing the "Dateline" show 2 years ago on child pedophiles within the WTBS.......and only the last 10 minutes...was enough to tell me "something is wrong with the WTBS"...they are no different than the Catholics, whom they loved to disapprove of all the time. HYPOCRISY!!!

    Lack of love knocked on my door afterwards..........

    and I noticed the WTBS didn't produce the fruits that THEY identified as a true religion: LOVE


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