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  • Stephanus
    I thought we were in America where we have freedom of speech, I have the freedom to approach my nieghbor oin conversation and he has the right to either continue the discussion or say "not interested"

    Fine! Just give us your address, "Neighbour", and we'll pop by so we can "initiate dialogue" with you. Apparently it is our right under "freedom of speech", according to you.

    I have questioned them many times

    Oh I see. What sort of questions? The hard "Why did we sleep with the UN whore?";"Why do we apply the two witness rule in child rape cases?" type of question? Or the namby-pamby, suck-up "Can you give me more insight into today's wonderful study article on why it is important for us to delegate all our thoughts and moral decisions to the wonderful elders, empowered by wonderful holy spirit, courtesy of wonderful Bethel?" type?

  • CeriseRose

    You said:

    "I have read the topic "No trespassing..." and can't keep frm asking "Are you afraid of dialogue?""

    Why is your assumption that the person involved, who is requesting to be left alone in the privacy of their own home, is AFRAID?

    The implication is that they're either a) afraid to have their eyes opened to the real truth(TM)*, b) afraid that they won't be able to stand up to the well-thought-out arguments of the JWs standing at their door *rolls eyes* or c) afraid and so socially inept that they are unable to communicate with their fellow man, and so must put a sign out to discourage every zombie with a purpose and two legs from lurking on their doorstep at any hour of the day or night (and I left zombie open to mean anyone, not just JWs...I'm an equal opportunity name-caller. ;) )

    Aside from the excellent comments about what dialogue really is versus the "presentation" of the average JW, I wanted to reiterate what one poster said about "not interested." Have a look in your Reasoning from the Scriptures book. The area I'm talking about is at the front, right after the conversation topics/ideas. What are those again?

    Oh yes, How to Respond to Potential Conversation Stoppers. Pages of notes on how to defer and deflect anything the householder(TM) says so you can gain more than 30 seconds of time on their doorstep. Remember what you've been taught; we were all taught similiarly: "Those who say they're not interested don't even know what they're not interested in! It's our duty(TM) and privilege(TM) to deliver this message of good news." And then comes the reading of the blood-guilt scripture that reinforces the guilt of not doing so.

    Afraid or fed up with the tactics of the hard sell? You be the judge. Or rather, no, you shouldn't. Let God be the judge.

    *(TM) shamelessly stolen from Scully, although I can't get mine to look cute like hers. :)

  • a friend in need
    a friend in need


    Are you saying that in the last three years your own JW husband will not have a meaningful discussion with you about his JW beliefs? Any JWs I've ever encountered would love to discuss their beliefs.


  • gypsywildone

    I can't believe they will respect No Trespassing signs. A few years ago, my husband called the KH on a Sunday am & requested to speak to an elder. He instructed said "elder" to remove us from their little maps, etc. & never dare come up our driveway again. It is a long, winding driveway up the side of a mountain.

    Guess what? About a year later, they came up again! Mind you, my driveway is lined with "No Trespassing", "Get our of Get Bit", "Mean f*&^%$# guard dogs', as well as a 6 ft. plastic skeleton hanging from a tree. Well, he only ever actually met one JW in his whole life, my mother & he was NOT impressed with her. What got him so mad, other than his beautiful woods being invaded by strangers (other than Trick or Treaters, which are always welcome), was theat an SUV with 4 adults in it said they did not see any signs! He told them either they all had such poor eyesight, none of them should be driving, or they are ARROGANT, & believe the "posted" signs, etc. do not apply to them. he kicked them back down the driveway, which was dirt at the time.

    I told him if he had reached into my vehicle & pulled out a C of C book, it might have helped them more. He said he didn't care, it helped HIM. He said they invaded his airspace, & if China could shoot down a US plane for such an infraction, he could kick them out. He said they are way too invaisive & arrogant, & they just don't listen.

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