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  • BluesBrother

    I guess a sign that is known to be backed up by legal recourse is the only way of maintaining privacy. After all, I guess that we can all remember inadvertandly calling at a "Do not call" house. Either because the group leader had failed to tell you, or one simply forgot while in conversation with your partner

  • Simon
    Due the "open door" policy of this forum, I guess trolls are something that we have to tolerate, something akin to flies crapping on your food at a picnic. But there *are* pop-up blockers and spam blockers. I wonder if Simon could install a TROLL FILTER. That would be cool, although probably unworkable from a practical point of view. Alas!

    Yes, you are right. I have deleted you.

  • brother devoted
    brother devoted

    that has hppened to me so I immedietly tell the bro. and it is coreected.

  • brother devoted
    brother devoted

    True ideed and I respect those signs believe me I do, but my point in starting the thread is that I see a trend of avoiding conversation with people. in other areas this can be true also such as If I go out right now and ask someone who are they going to vote for the response is they don't want to say, why? if I am proud of something I will speak it with pride.

    Brother devoted

  • brother devoted
    brother devoted

    that in which you spoke of on the script part happened to me when I was younger so I will not deny the truth of it. but I am open to diologue of all kinds. to prove my point I use to hold conversations with a person that thought he was God (not he himself alone, its on some mystical belief system)

    you sayed "I have checked all of Brother Devoted's threads. There are twelve of them, so this was not hard. Brother Devoted has not revisited a single thread to respond to questions in kind."

    thats not true I have responded to some and still intend to respond to others (I research and meditate on them, it takes time)II prticlarly though much about the "holy spirit" thread

    Brother devoted

  • jgnat

    The trouble with good dialogue in the JW world is that both participants must be willing to re-examine cherished beliefs. If you are not confident enough in what you believe to allow it to be assaulted with reason, then how fragile is your faith, really? In the past three years I have tried, really TRIED to engage a Jehovah's Witness in a meanigful dialogue. On the internet, at the door, in daily conversation, after the meeting, and through a study.

    I am still waiting.

    BD, out of twelve threads, you only revisited one. In that one, you only posed questions. You did not address comments from other posters. On the other hand, I am most impressed that you have revisited this thread three times now. A record!

    By the way, I don't think I am a god. So that particular dialogue won't be required.

  • brother devoted
    brother devoted

    peace newsense

    in response to what you wrote "Do you have ANY godamn idea what would happen if you were to ever dare to engage one of the elders in a "dialogue" by expressing an opinion "

    I have questioned them many times, even though I grew up in a JW household here has been my influence growing up:

    Nation of Islam
    5% nation

    and still I am a wll rounded JW today so I have Had much dialogue and continue to welcome it

    Brother devoted

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Freedom of speech encompasses, also, freedom of press. Words, whether spoken, or printed on a sign, are speech, and are meant to convey meaning. "No Trespassing" means just what it says it means. Unless it says, in fine print at the bottom: "Exceptions: Avon ladies, men in thongs, Greeks bearing gifts of gold and diamonds, Ed McMahon and crew, and Motley Crew."

    So, when you see a sign like that, you and your car group just move on along.

    Rural Territory Girl

  • BrendaCloutier


    Since I was on your side for a while, I understand where you are coming from. However, private property does not fall under the freedom of speech/religion act. A "no trespassing" sign is the owner's voice to be left alone and in peace, for whatever the reason or need, and you're violating their rights by ignoring it.

    Let's try putting the right shoe on the left foot here - a couple questions (brought up in other ways already):

    How do you feel about politicians and political activists knocking on your door, especially when you're right in the middle of dinner, or dinner prayer, or getting ready for a meeting? Or an activist trying to get you to sign a petition, or even to sign up to vote (heaven forbid!) ?

    How do you feel about a door-to-door salesperson (rare these days) coming up to your house?

    I know you'd love to have a couple of nice mormon boys stop by, so i won't bother with this question.

    Then there are the sales calls and computerized sales calls every evening right about dinnertime, prayer time, evening news time, time to leave for meeting. How do you like these interruptions?

    How do you feel about having your privacy and your home comforts disturbed, especially by someone selling or preaching something you are absolutely not interested in? Especially if you've "been there, done that, never again"?

    How about when you're home really sick with the flu, or have a broken leg, or worse yet, are disabled to the point where mobilization is painful and difficult? Ya wanna have that "no treaspassing" sign ignored then?

    Ok, you can take your "right" shoe off of your left foot and put it back on the correct foot again.


  • kls

    Country Girl,,,,,,,LOL ,,,,,Where can i but one ?

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