Whats so wrong with us

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  • brother devoted
    brother devoted

    I have read the topic "No trespassing..." and can't keep frm asking "Are you afraid of dialogue?"

    I thought we were in America where we have freedom of speech, I have the freedom to approach my nieghbor oin conversation and he has the right to either continue the discussion or say "not interested"

    this whole thing about wanting to erect signs seem to cut off the freedom of speech that America says it prides itelf on...What happened?

  • hubert

    If you are talking J.W.'s, it should read "Cults...no trespassing".

  • RunningMan

    The beautiful thing about freedom is not only that we have the freedom to speak, we also have the freedom to tell others to leave us alone.

  • Brummie

    A friend who I work with once asked me "How many times do you have to tell these JWs that you are not interested?" I guess he is the sort that would resort to putting a sign up, they call and interfere with his day so many times and he has to keep on and on saying the same thing. I didnt tell him their aim is to call every week!

    On the other hand, I want to talk to JWs but they wont call or talk to me, I assume they are afraid of dialogue with someone who is informed.

    Its a strange world we live in but for the record, I wont put a sign up, they can call on me anytime.


  • kls

    Welcome , I don't consider it freedom of speech ,to me it is trying to force ones beliefs or goods on some one else. If they want freedom of speech let them go in the town square and all that are interested can listen or they can move on. When someone comes to your door and is uninvited that is trespassing , when you have telemarketers calling you on the phone they are trying to push their goods on you or when you are over taken with spam on the net . Everyone has a right to privacy and unsolicitation.

  • hillbilly

    "we are mutants, ameeerricans are lovable mutts...loyal.." Bill Murray in Stripes

    OH-- what's wrong with us... I have a NO Trespass sighN... have to .. I have equines (horses on premise) and pay a very stout "attractive nuscience" rider on my property insurane...

    Of course If that sign works on religious zealots who wanna spout cult BS to me on saturdays I 'spose it's money well spent.

    So, Junior, whats your point?

    Hill ( insert shotguns racking sound here)

  • Valis
    I have the freedom to approach my nieghbor oin conversation

    Let's look at it this way. When you approch someone at the door you are NOT looking for conversation. You are actively looking to get people to study and become JWs. To save them from themselves as it were. If you were really wanting a conversation about religion it would take all of about 5 minutes with anyone educated about the practices of the Jehovah's Witnesses to make you back off and go running anyway. I mean hell, JW services are about the most canned and non spontaneous, non conversational uses of free speech on the planet. Their door to door "conversations are no different. JWs also neglect to inform the subject of the "conversation" that if they don't heed JW "free speech" then say goodbye at Armageddon. So much for love thy nieghbor eh?

    They can come to my door anyway...Trick or Treat!


    District Overbeer

  • Gopher

    "Brother devoted" asks:

    I have read the topic "No trespassing..." and can't keep frm asking "Are you afraid of dialogue?"

    Perhaps a definition would be helpful.

    DIALOGUE: An exchange of ideas or opinions.

    As most of us on the board know, JW's are there to "preach and to teach". They are there to preach their ideas, only using the ideas of others as a "springboard" to get to their own points. There is no "exchange". Those people in the "world" who care to notice already know that about Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Yes there is freedom of speech, but there is also the right to privacy in your own home.

    A "no trespassing" sign is akin to technology that blocks unwanted telephone calls. They're perfectly legal and safe ways to protect your privacy.

  • Jim_TX

    First of all... there is nothing wrong with you - personally - it's that cult you belong to that is the problem.

    Some folks just don't want anything to do with having any 'dialog' with anyone that is in that cult.

    "...he has the right to either continue the discussion or say "not interested"..."

    Hmmm... I used to be a JW - and know that this does not work. Once you engage a JW in 'dialog'... well, many times it's like trying to sling that fresh-picked bugger off your finger. Almost impossible to get rid of.

    "...wanting to erect signs seem to cut off the freedom of speech that America says it prides itelf on..."

    You speak like you are not part of America. If you live here - you are. Like it or not.

    Erecting 'No Trespassing' signs is the only legal recourse one seems to have that will hold up in court - if violated.

    'No Solicitors' signs don't work (yall will claim you're not soliciting).

    'Do Not Disturb' signs do not work (yall feel that EVERYONE needs to hear your 'message').

    'Day Sleeper' signs do not work (yall may feel like an alarm clock).

    If someone wants to call the police to request that yall move on to another neighborhood - yall scream "Religious Freedom!"

    Nope... "No Tresspassing" signs are a 'blessing' to any folks whut don't want your door-knocking.

    Now... if you want to listen to some of us folks as WE have a discussion with YOU... then stick around. There are some really knowledgeable folks here who will be glad to 'knock on YOUR door' - so to speak. However, I don't think you would welcome their calling on you.


    Jim TX

  • gypsywildone


    Put the shoe on the other foot. How would YOU feel if every religious group or lifestyle knocked at your door, interrupting whatever you were doing to discuss their religion with a canned speech? How would you feel if they came onto your property & told YOU their God was going to come down here & kill everyone that was not of THEIR religion? Would you find anything problematic with that? What if every religion did it? What if only even the five largest religions in the United States sent out their people doing it?

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