NOSTALGIA TIME !! Anyone remember the old "t.v. westerns" era?

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  • Mulan

    I remember Annie Oakley. It was one of my favorites. Also the Tales of Wells Fargo............loved them. Man, those were a looonnnngggg time ago.

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong
    I love Lucy.. the woman that was Lucy's sidekick.. WHAT WAS HER NAME?

    Opie Ron Howard.. What was the name of that show?..and the sheriff father why can't I remember his name.

    Lucy's sideckick was Ethel Mertz - Played by Vivian Vance.

    Opie - Played on the Andy Griffith Show. His father's character's name was Andy Taylor. And who could forget Aunt Bea. (Oh Andy!)

  • StinkyPantz


    The Virginian

    Have Gun Will Travel

    Wagon Train

    Wyatt Earp


    Wanted Dead or Alive

    Wild Wild West

    Is it bad that I am 25 and used to watch all of those shows?

  • hubert

    Just thought of another one.... Gene Autry "Home, Home on the Range" One of my wife's favorite westerns.

    Anyone say "Branded"?

    Gabby Hayes was in which western? (Trivia question).

    And Chester ?

  • TMS

    Sure. Hop A Long, Autry, Roy & Trigger, et al

    I learned what it meant to be "yellow-bellied," a "tinhorn" and a "sidewinder"

    If Mulan remembers Seattle TV in the 50's, she prob recalls Stan Boreson and NoMo. And Pinkie Lee.


  • eyegirl

    hey SP, i'm right there with ya. i do remember watching those shows as reruns on saturday afternoons. we had one tv and after we got home from field service, my dad would flip on the tv. all afternoon we watched those old westerns: the rifleman, big valley, bonanza, have gun will travel, gunsmoke, etc. sometimes now when i get homesick and i can find one on cable i'll watch it.

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