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  • Sunnygal41

    Hello All!

    Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been as busy on the board lately as in the past few months and that is because I finally got a NEW JOB!!!! WOOHOO! Just in time, I was hired at a local bus company and I now take reservations for local senior citizens for Dial A Ride service. I love the job so far and the people are just super! I thank the Universe for it's perfect timing in taking care of my material needs and am deeply grateful to be able to pay my bills and keep the roof over my head. The case with the Board of Education was resolved also, and I am now eligible for rehire by them at some future date. This has been an interesting and educational experience in my life's journey, and I've learned how important it is to go with the flow, while doing my part to be proactive in my life and keep my options open. Thank you all for being soooo supportive in my long months of inactivity.......you helped keep my spirits up and my outlook positive.

    Deep gratitude and love,


  • Maverick

    Nice to hear things are coming around for you. I hope life gets brighter and better through the cold dark Winter.

  • xjw_b12

    Sunnygal. Nice to hear things are going well.

    Here's some scenes to keep us all going through the winter months.

  • shotgun

    Congrats on the new job Terri

    Sunnygal has always seemed like an accurate name for the way you handle yourself on the forum. I think alot of the praise you handed out to the Universe and others for keeping your spirits up belongs to your sunny personality and positve attitude even when things were less than sunny.


  • Special K
    Special K

    For some reason I don't see your post... the only one that comes up on your screen is shotguns response congratulating you on a new Job.

    SO.....CONGRATULATIONS, Sunnygal. Glad you found a job.


    Special K

  • bem

    Hi! ((((Terri)))) glad things are going well for you.


  • hillbilly

    Yay Terri- was there ever any doubt?

    Hill ( good things happen to good people class)

  • rekless
  • rekless


  • Jim_TX


    Excellent! You're now back in the world of the workers!!! *Does a Snoopy 'Happy Dance'*


    Jim TX

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