Going to be Article about me being ex-JW...

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  • Kenneson

    If the interviewer asks you why you have decided to celebrate while most JWs won't you could say something like: "I just want to celebrate the birth of Christ just like the angels did when Jesus was born."I see nothing wrong in that." See Luke 2:13-14

  • Confucious

    Wow. That's GOOOD!!!

  • shotgun

    Well...how did it go?

    All these interviews, M.J, Prince, Confucious

  • confusedjw

    I might have gone with the "Let's do the interview with me in fatigues barricaded in at the top of the tower with my eye twitching and drool on my chin" approach, but that's just me.

  • Mary
    I wouldn?t bring up the Christmas-thing, since I don?t believe that is what really distinguishes JW?s from other religions. The main difference is the JW-position on the Kingdom being setup in 1914! Without that, the whole JW-thing falls down like a house-of-cards!

    I agree with Cyberguy. As long as JWs believe that Jesus appointed the F&DS in 1919, every problem within the Organization can be explained away by "new light" or being faithful to the Governing Body, etc. But if you can just say something to the effect that you discovered that their date of 607 BCE is false and that they've known it for 30 years, then you can ruffle some feathers. This is probably the main reason why Ray Franz was booted out, because of this discovery (among other things) and it's the Governing Body's biggest fear.

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