"even if it wasn't the truth,i would rather live with it then without it"

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  • MonkeyPrincess
    "life is so much easier (for me anyways) keeps me sane with all the stuff that goes on in the world,, or maybe thats my passive personality"

    That is the comment my (younger) sister made to me while we were on chat the other day. I tried to explain to her to do research on the WTBTS before she really decided this is what she wanted for her life. Im so hurt because i am losing my family one by one, its happening like a movie in slow motion. Would have it been better if it just all happend really sudden and fast, i dont know.

    By the way, the whole conversation came up when we were talking about our other sister and her being df'd just like me. Apparently my dad told my sister that she is not welcome to be in their lives anymore, or in their home, and unless she is on her death bed, not to contact them. How hurtful that is! I know i am next to get the axe, im ready for it, i think!

    Is this what most witnesses think, and the reason they stay, i wonder.. its not something i would consider, especially if i had doubts. What do you think?

  • LittleToe

    "Where would we go?" is a similar reply (a corruption of "who would we go to, Lord?").


  • jgnat

    Whenever I hear this, I get this strong image of a huddle of sweating, well-dressed people, shivering in fear. Warm light filters through their canvas tent. They have all been repeatedly told of the dangers of the great white shark, undertow, broken glass, and UV rays. The floor is sand. They are at the beach.

    Restless babies cry in boredom. Adults snap at the younger ones who try to leave the "safety" of the tent. After all, there is not much else to do inside that tent. Except look at each other.

  • kls

    Me personally i can't live my life in a lie that is why i left the cult. JWs think only of them selves to hopefully make it in the NEW SYSTEM. Why else would they shun their own family in fear of death. I would rather be dead then let a cult control my life . If my family cannot love me for who i am then there really is no love and that i can live with out. Why do JWs bother to have children if and when they find the truth of what the WT is and act as if they were never born .

  • Terry

    We are either the driver or the passenger in life. If we choose to let somebody else drive; we cannot complain where we end up.

    It takes a rational mind to make rational choices. Comforting ourselves that we can coast through life and avoid the bumps is like a child pulling the covers over their head to avoid the monster in the closet. What we don't see CAN hurt us.

    The Watchtower Society keeps people afraid of "the world" by painting everything but the Kingdom Hall in the blackest of black broad brush strokes. Control and power is the key to enslavement. The slave can sigh and report, "At least I have something to occupy my time, a roof over my head and food to eat." But, a slave is never free. Is that a fair trade? For some people who have given up on thinking for themselves it is a bargain worth making.

    The best example to set is to live your own life and a good one. Pursue your own happiness and let the JW's live in their playhouse with imaginary friends and learn the hard way.

    The fish who takes the pretty worm and ends up on the hook may have thought it was dinnertime; but, they end up being the dinner. So too with Jehovah's happy, smug, contented people who think they are getting something from Brooklyn NY to nourish them. They are in for a surprise.

  • omegaone

    TERRY: very well said

    MP; what Terry posted is so true and I hate that anyone has to exp things like this in the religion. Just hang in there and know that you are being thought about..

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    hmmm my 65 Year old Dad said much the same as that recently!I said to him "Dad ,just listen to what you just said..its Madness to say that!!"

    The usual indignity was aimed straight back at me,then i realised if he realised in a eureka moment that it wasnt the Truth,he would probably Die of a broken Heart there and then!40 years would have been wasted.

    I then realised i would rather he stayed in it till he dies.Hopefully a long time in the future!

    It has hit me quite recently that comments such as "even if it wasn't the truth,i would rather live with it then without it"are the product of a Cult mentality.Very,very sad.

  • Satanus

    Some people can't handle life. A cult, cocaine, booze or another crutch can keep them feeling the pain or reality from the world. What can a person say to people sliding into it? Many people kick habits after they realise that their particular crutch is worse for them than reality.


  • LittleToe

    I concur. Sad isn't it!
    I have a similar situation.

  • shotgun

    Monkeyprincess....One of the first elder meetings I endured was of my own choosing. I selected two elders with a combined experience of nearly 100 years to straighten me out, change my evil thinking...I was sure I must be wrong. Within 30 minutes of discussion they were unable to answer any questions or repair my doubts and became defensive to the point of admitting that even if it wasn't the truth it was the best way of life and only way to raise a happy family...100 years of service to the truth gone in 30 minutes.

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