Got To Toughen Up These Cats Of Mine..

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  • Stephanus
    They're both due a checkup at the vets, so I might mention it so they can check.

    Good idea! If there is a problem, the sooner it's identified, the easier it'll be to do something about it.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Long post from a cat lover:

    I have 3. For the most part they are very spoiled, and well behaved! If a human isn't around, it's ok to get on the kitchen counter or dining table. But ONLY if a human isn't around! That's cat law, not ours. Otherwise, except for Kev's modeling work bench in his library, the cats have the run of the place. They're equal in our house. Interesting, but they have NEVER bothered with his modeling bench.

    I have cat nests (baskets or boxes lined with polar fleece) scattered around the house in key cat locations. These are more comfortable to sleep in than fighting a tossing turning human in bed, so if they do sleep with us, it's only for a short while for a cuddle and they migrate to a nest.

    I keep kibble available at all times, but monitor it. If they run out for the day, they run out. I feed them canned food in the morning, more as a treat. They get catnip periodically, and brushed whenever they want and we're in a position to do so. They have also learned that if they come in wet from rain outside, we'll towel them off.

    Actually, most people who meet our cats and get to know them think they're pretty awesome. When I brought 'my' cats into Kev's HH when I moved in, he was amazed at how well adjusted and behaved they were/are.

    They will come when they are called by name "kitty, kitty, Dominic, kitty kitty...". Doesn't matter if it's for food or vet or whatever. They know "mom' is calling and they are required to respond.

    Max will NOT go out the cat doors (one to the front porch and one to the upper deck) unless he has to on his own. And we put in larger doors to accommodate him! (17 lbs and he has arthritis) He will lay by the front door and ask to be let out! I usually do because I get tired of him talking about it. And he does talk. He has his words for "out, I want out" and for "milk, now? I want milk now!" And these words are different from others. He also understands a fair amount of english. The others are learning. "No" is usually the first one "learned" followed by a double clap.

    Max is 11 and had diabetes, so he gets 2 insulin shots a day. He's a 17 lb manx! and loves to come to bed, up his bedside staircase of boxes (arthritis in hips) and right across me, lately at 2:40 am. This gets me up to go to the lu because he'll sit on my bladder! When I come back to bed he sits on my chest and gets face and neck scrubbles for a moment or two before I push him off me.

    Dominic is 4-1/2 and adopted at 2yo. Had been abandoned twice! He's quite independent, but has learned to trust me, especially last winter when he came home soaked and muddy from head to toe. All I can think is he fell into the creek and had a difficult time getting out. I took him into the kitchen and rinsed him with warm water. He actually relaxed and enjoyed it! He was so cold. Since then he's put his trust in me even when he doesn't want to.

    Princes White Paws. 3 yo. Dumped in the country and made her way to Kev's dad's farm when whe wasn't a year old. She's a gorgeous black, tan, rust tabby with white bib and 4 white paws. When trying to name her, one day she was sitting pretty on a pillow like a pricess on her tuffet, so I said "'re quite the princess, aren't you?" and she wiggled and sat up straighter and said "well yes, I am" and that became her name. She was a real snit for 6+ months. I wasn't sure if we were going to keep her. But with lots of love and a little d iscipline , she's become a very nice cat. She's also become queen of the neighborhood. Other cats bow down to her now!

    They are a joy to have and I can't imagine not having cats.

    Believe it or not, I like dogs, too. I'm helping a neighbor with her new dog - a 2yo who was badly abused, who gets very anxious when she's gone for work. I go over once a day and either sit with her for a little while, or take her for a short walk. She's really a love! Rott and lab cross.

    I also feed the neighborhood crows cheep catfood we buy just for them by the 30lb bag. I have 3 families I now feed daily- about 14 crows, including 5 born this summer. They're facinating. (They are only a fraction of the extended murder of 60-75 we have here).

    Yup, I'm a critter lover


    PS Cats and dogs can't add nor subtract, but they sure know how to multiply! Please spay and neuter your pets, for their health and your sanity.

  • Lostreality

    Hahaha, thats why i have an indoor only cat. Sometimes she gets a little psycho...but its a 2 bedroom apartment...sometimes I get a little psycho, lol

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