Got To Toughen Up These Cats Of Mine..

by Englishman 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Simon

    Cats become what you make them. If they moan to come in and you open the door then you reinforce their behaviour and they do it more.

    The best approach IMO is to have a routine and they will get used to that.

  • Nosferatu
    Cats become what you make them

    Unfortunately, my oldest cat came from a couple of previous families. Instead of learning "don't do that", he's learned "don't get caught."

  • Odrade
    Cats become what you make them.

    I agree. We have the two most spoiled cats ever. Funny thing is, they are only spoiled when hubby is at home. If it's me, they don't yowl, scratch or hiss. They don't beg for food, other than to sit in the food area, and they don't climb all over me. When hubby gets through the door, all bets are off. *MEOW MEOW MEOW* jumping on his lap, knocking things off tables to get his attention... etc.

    I think it's my husband's fault. LOL.


  • iiz2cool

    You can always eat them too!

  • Stephanus
    One of my cats has also started to hiss if we move her off the couch.

    Make sure it's not because she's in pain for some reason. We had a perfectly civil cat start to hiss at us whenever we picked him up. It turned out he had kidney trouble, of which he later died.

  • Simon

    Yeah, ours don't mither me because they know they won't get what they want.

    Angharad jumps to their every demand so is constantly mithered

  • Sirona


    Thanks for the advice. They're both due a checkup at the vets, so I might mention it so they can check.


  • Englishman
    Angharad jumps to their every demand so is constantly mithered

    I bet that's just confused our American cousins.


  • Belmont

    I think you're trying to be provocative, Englishman. How could you shut out your two lovely cats for eight hours? You're turning into a crusty old curmudgeon.

  • Englishman

    Well, it's a lovely sunny day and they're "mithering" to be indoors all the time. So out they go.

    I'm just treating them like I treat my women folk: Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen!

    But I am gettuing less curmudgeonly now that I'm getting out more. Started back at work this week, just doing light stuff.


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