Just pass me a cigarette and hold on

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  • Eyebrow2

    Been a while since I have had a chance to visit the board. A lot of things have happened...dealing with some business crap....ending one and starting a new one with a partner this time...dealing with child custody issues...my husband was laid off....just general stress....ARGHHHH!!!!

    Everything is going to work out I am sure...but I bought my first pack of cigarettes in 10 years on Sunday. Something I swore I would never do again. BUT, it was the least evil thing on a whole list of options I felt that I had hahaha....I think things will get back to good soon as long as my husband and I can just keep our heads. Thank goodness we have each other. I told him that I would quick in one week if he got the job he was interviewing for. if not...I make no promises..

    Just had to vent for a few minutes...hope all is well with everyone out there....and for those that smoke out there...meet me out behind the fence in 10 minutes for a quick smoke. And those that are into reefer madness...well I did promise my husband I wouldn't go that far, but I may lean in near to take advantage of your second hand smoke...


    Eyebrow, of the going out of her mind class

  • Been there
    Been there

    Here I come. :o)

  • squinks


    Please don't start smoking again. You know it won't make things better or even lessen your stress. All it will do is give you one more thing to stress about. I quit in January and hung in through some pretty rough times. You can too!!!! Get rid of the ciggies, they are not your friends. Just remember the sense of power you felt when you quit. . . remember?

  • Sherri

    You're a big girl -- I say if you want to have a couple of smokes, go ahead. Three packs a day is one thing -- a couple of puffs behind the shed for stress relief another entirely.


    One Who Sneaks a Couple of Puffs Behind the Shed for Stress Relief

  • under74

    I agree with Sherri on this...I don't think a couple of cigarettes is going to hurt. I know many people that are able to cut them out after having a few. I am not one of these. I know I'll quit smoking one day but I enjoy it, especially with coffee. Anyway Eyebrow2, you should probably just watch yourself if you've already quit once, but find some enjoyment where you can-even if it's in a cigarette--(hehe) man, this is horrible stuff I'm saying but I kind of believe it. I hope things go smoother for you very soon.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    I got a chuckle from this thread. The dreaded cigarettes!!!! OH NO!

    It's sorta funny when I look around my environment that somehow...HUMMMM consists of older adult females that find it near impossible passing up some of that reefer madness. Interesting.

    Years ago when I was in the depths of that "change of life" syndrome and really needed some help with a mental shift in thinking...rather than prescribe to the legal Prozac and/or any one of the numerous drugs available for lots of $$$$ - I ran to my neighbor searching for a puff on a bowl or a bong. For myself it was better then picking up a drink.

    When I saw my fence riding JW sister two years ago she was really surprised that I had not quit smoking cigarettes as she had...but, she did tell me all about her "happy pill" {her words} Prozac. I found that rather ironic but didn't say anything.

    Whatever ails the moment for you...I'll keep good thoughts going your way because that old addage is so true. This too shall pass.


  • boa

    Eyebrow....I'm already behind the fence waitin' for ya...

    Hang in there...things will work out...they always do...in the mean time...enjoy a few puffs...I understand how good they can make you feel...

    You've quit once, when you're ready you'll do it again.

    boa...of the exited dubs and started smoking klass...

  • Nosferatu

    I'll tell you something, nothing feels better when it's been forever since you've had your last cigarette. Cigarettes are great if you're not addicted to them. I loved that mellow feeling when I first started smoking. Too bad it goes away after you become addicted.

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    Man, I know what you mean about stress initiating a craving. Alcohol does it for me, too. Now that I've quit for real, having one cigarette a month is no big deal IMO. Hope things even out for you soon, Eyebrow.

    Where in Texas are you? I'll meet you out back for real if we can have a margarita too. :-)

  • omegaone

    Let me know what fence you all will be at and I'll bring a box of cubans and plenty of brandy!!

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