You Know It's Trouble When Your 13 year old son says....

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  • roybatty
    FUNNY! Keep the stink where it belongs....

    Fortunatley for me and my family; my 10 year old son does not know that this spray exists.....

    Just wait, your day will come. At age 13, I wasn't a saint but he just does some of the funniest things. I remember when he was 4 or 5 years old and all of us use to go to the meetings. He wants out of his bedroom, in his meetings clothes, with a huge "bulge" in the front of his pants. Now, I know his penis didn't grow that big overnight, so I say to him "what are you hiding in your pants"? I get the 'what-are-you-talking-about look. This little kid didn't think his mom or dad would notice that he hide his gameboy in his pants. Geez. He doesn't do anything "bad", more so along the lines of being "creative." I guess a few weeks ago he spent the entire bookstudy in the bathroom. Nope, he wasn't sick. He brought his cell phone and spent an hour text messaging his friends. Now his mom has banned him from taking his cell phone to the meetings. I've tried to give him the "they're still adults and you have to show them respect" but the kid knows that they're all full of shi*. I don't know if he's trying to keep himself entertained or if he's trying to be so difficult that the elders ban him from the meetings!

  • cyberguy

    Your son should have done it at the KH for extra laughs! hehe!

  • lawrence

    What's next -- itching powder in the soap decanter or sneezing powder all over the literature counter? That was great!

  • scootergirl

    Too funny! Unfortunately at our house, the kids don't need any "fart in a can"..they can clear a room on command and laugh about it. Should see them giggle (and mom get pissed when they decide to play their games in the car!)

  • bull01lay

    That was too funny by far.... tears are still streaming down my face after I've read all the posts on this!!

    You've got a real star there!!!!


  • cruzanheart

    That's a good one! And it should serve to emphasize to the "brothers" that spending money on a bathroom fan is NOT a waste!


  • HappyDad

    Roy........that was hilarious.

    Tell your son he is a "good" boy and buy him another can of it. I've never heard of the stuff but I could have had a ball with it myself.

    Thanks for the laugh. Cut The CheeseHappyDad

  • safe4kids

    What a great story, Roy! I think 13 year old sons are the greatest...course, I'm a bit biased as I have one of those myself. Isn't it a great feeling when you see your children demonstrate a well developed sense of humor? Makes me have warm fuzzies


  • MelbaToast


    I needed a good laugh today and you made it....Just the thought of the brother *** coming out and saying "what did you eat?" was enough for me to get a chortle....But then, when they opened the door.....even funnier.

    The next funniest thing would be to see a 4 year old girl in the hall going "God, who farted? Somebody went poopy in thier pants"

  • MelbaToast

    BTT- cause its so damn funny

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