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  • Odrade

    Thanks guys! I had a great time too! Although I was dragging my ass at work all day today. No hangover, just really fricken TIRED!

    Thanks also to all who contributed snacks and desserts, especially Sherry and TIM who made some FABULOUS sweets that I ate entirely too much of...


  • bisous

    Hear Hear on the Fabulishesness of the Enchi-lahlahs.......mmmmm......and thanks for leaving us with a few leftover ones for today (((Odrade))), they ROCKED!!!

    Thanks to all our guests for coming and providing some great refreshment and socializing...especially our out-of-town visitors who travelled from afar (Holland, Cornwall, Washington, California)....

    It was a pleasure to put faces with screen names.....Let's do it again soon!!!

  • Princess
    Give Celtic a howdy for me, and please encourage him to try out my suggestion for learning 'Merrikun language and culture: Sitcoms. "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Two and a Half Men".

    Or, he could watch some reality TV and see how we really interact with each other. Although I think he got quite a bit of that last night.

    Seriously, it was great to finally meet Mark and we hope you take us up on our invitation to visit anytime. Thanks again for the hospitality!

    Neat group of people from all over. Finally got to meet Avengers and his friend Gayla... Avishai, his mom and brother, Lost Reality and the Ex-JW meetup Oregon folks. Good to see Euph and Piph, Doc and Kitties, Kate and Craig, Odrade, Blueyes, Seattleniceguy and Sherry again.

    The train ride home wasn't as pleasant as the ride down. The train was much more crowded and we ended up having to sit with this guy who ate crackers out of a Crystal Light canister...loudly, with his mouth open and lip smackin' and stuff. I told Steve I greatly admired his self control. I figured the crackers were going to fly at any moment.

  • doodle-v

    So glad you guys had a great time!!! Dang it, I wish Savage and I coulda been there! D'oh!

    We'll definately make the next A-fest for sure!

    Princess that description of the Cracker Man was hilariously graphic LMAO!!!


  • Gretchen956

    We had a great time, although we had to leave early. We brought with us an exjw who is not quite out of the closet (in more ways than one), and who was ready to go at 8:30. So, being happy to just get her there, we picked up, packed up, and took her home.

    Thanks, Bisous and Odrade, for all the great food! And thanks to everyone for the libations! Glad you all liked the desserts, we had a great time making them, and its a double pleasure to see others enjoy.

    Can't wait until the Seattle post-Christmas party!


  • jgnat

    So Celtic finally made it 'cross the ocean! How does he like America?

  • Sassy

    sounds like fun!!! Loved the pics in the other thread too!

  • avishai

    It was a GREAT time. Much thanks to bisous for her hostpitality. Celtic, i left ya anote w/ my bro's # Call me buddy. I hope you all are well. What a great bunch of people, and thank you all for the great time.

  • Piph

    Thank you all so much! It was so great to meet so many of you for the first time...and great to see our old buddies again.

    The food was excellent...the drinks were great...the company was the best in the world! Yay! All of you guys rock!

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