Who wants to do a letter writing campaign to the borg?

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  • Jez

    Reading the amazing information about what a cult is, got me thinking....there are thousands of ppl here, why don't we do a letter writing campaign to the society, bombarding them with letters outlining things like the cult attachment to JW's, disfellowshipping, 1914, UN, anything that we would like to see admitted or changed? Outline what changes we think would be useful and necessary. We could then post the letters that they send back here to let others know how they reply. I once poured my heart out to them about my life. They sent back this pathetic letter with no personal attachement whatsoever. Any little crack in their facade would be a start, wouldn't it?

    Let's get them working, reading and shake them up a little, let them know that we are here and want changes. We could try addressing the letters to specific individuals within the society hq as well.

    What do you all think?

  • Bubbamar

    Hey Jez

    I would be interested in a letter writing campaign to help get information to the rank and file dubs. But I don't really care if the Borg makes any changes. And they won't anyway. Like there gonna listen to a bunch of evil complaining apostates. I actually hope they continue to become more strict, greedy crazy, devious and more dishonest so more people will become dissatisfied and/or see through their garbage. Plus we'd have fresh amunition to expose them with.

    I recently sent some UN info out to local halls. Hopefully, at least one seed was planted.

  • shotgun

    I'd be more interested in a letter writing campaign to Oprah or Doctor Phil or A National newspaper....huge audience!

    I don't think our letters would do much to change an Organization which believes it can do no wrong.

  • jgnat

    I think a letter writing campaing would be kewl. I would prefer, though, that we pick a theme and have as many write on the same topic in a short period of time. My goal is not reform so much, as the perverse pleasure of temporarily jamming up their public relations department. Someone would have to deliver the mail, open the mail, classify it, assign it for response, compose a response, and mail it back. That is a lot of labour, say, for a thousand letters. A thousand letters (letter and response) would use up part of a $50 toner cartridge, a thousand stamps, a box full of file folders, several sheets of avery labels, and a full drawer in a file cabinet. That file cabinet uses up about four square feet of prime real estate in New York.

    Also, politicians know that only one in a hundred people write. So every letter represents about a hundred people who feel so. Enough letters should let even the most calcified organization that there are a whole bunch of dissatisifed people out there.

    I vote for a campaign against the shunning policy and the harm it does to families.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    I know you're all well-intentioned, but writing the Society is an exercise in futility; much better to expend one's resources in getting the word out to the public, the media, and if possible, the local dubs.

  • Nosferatu

    Writing directly to the WTS will have no impact. The letters will just end up in the garbage. They have control over the information if its in their hands. Now, if you write a letter to your local newspaper and they end up publishing something, the WTS has no control over it and hundreds of people will read it.

    Attack the WTS using the media. It's their worst enemy.

  • evergreen

    Sounds a great idea...BUT, if i wrote to them it would have to be anonymous for obvious reasons.

    One thing i would wish for them to do is reduce the number of meetings a week. There are far too many of them AND they are extremely boring (excuse me while i yawn...just thinking about it does this to me)

    Also i would add a bit of life to the singing department( they should watch the good family film "big mommas house").The church singing bit is fantastic. OK maybe not as outrageous but at least sing out with a bit of passion.

    these 2 steps would be a start!

  • Bubbamar

    Evergreen - if you're bored at meetings why don't you just stay home. Thursday night TV is a LOT better!! Joey and The Apprentice are so good!! If they cut out the number of meetings then some people would be so lost without the rigid daily structure. They would probably end up doing something really bad....like googling "jehovahs witnesses." So you could just skip and let everyone who wants to go to the meeting.

    You guys are right about writing to the media. I hadn't thought about that. Will they print an anonymous letter to the editor?

  • Quotes

    What do I think?


    You sure you want to know?


    I think it will be a waste of time and money.

    Please, take no offence, none was intended.

    ~Quotes, of the "realistic" class

  • darkuncle29

    I agree with many of the ideas here. Like quotes said, it would be a waiste of time. banging on a brick wall with your fists is pointless. But if you use a tool, or select a crumbling spot, you make progress.

    Writing the society may not be efficient. Writing local media--nos' and a few others' idea--might be more effective.

    Shotgun:I'd be more interested in a letter writing campaign to Oprah or Doctor Phil or A National newspaper....huge audience!

    This to me has even more possibility.

    I think that all ideas have some merrit, they just need a little bit of fleshing out a-la The Art of War.

    that's just my two stones, I am just a simple cave man.

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