Who wants to do a letter writing campaign to the borg?

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  • onacruse

    This idea, as admirable as the intentions are, in my experience, futile.

    Reminds me of the wall-poster at several construction sites: "When frustrated, bang forehead here." (Poster is, of course, planted against a brick/concrete wall).

    I've said this many times, both on and off board: Whatever happens with the WTS will happen because of a grass-roots revolution...or, perhaps, better said, an inevitable socioliogical evolution, where the "society" bends to the will and willingness of the people.

    Craig (of the "did a letter writing campaign" class)

  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    The borg screens everything. One of my bethel friends told me that he would find some of his mail opened and pages ripped from his magazines. Maybe it was because he was the factory overseer's secretary, I don't know.

    The circuit overseer indicated that he wanted to meet with me and did this through an elder friend of mine. I said no because nothing good can come from it. My source said that the CO described many in the org as 'hypocrites'. That would be nothing more than 'old news' to me. He said that the world wants it's young people because they have so much to offer. They are starting to recognize the exodus of so many among the young in the borg. The young are disillusioned because of the hypocrisy; that is what dominates the org. The org has a history of projecting their own values and standards on Jehovah and his son, and that is why there are so many inconsistencies in their teachings. The org professes that Jesus is the head of the congregation. Their actions prove that they do not respect that. Lip service, just lip service.

    I will answer for my own convictions and so will they. A letter campaign will only feed their delusion.

    A democracy doesn't mean that I will get my way. A theocracy means even less unless my convictions fall in line with Jehovah's. Character is everything. Let that be the standard. Only God can challenge that. The org has a history of projecting it's own standards on Jehovah. They excuse themselves and pronounce judgement on others. My relationship with Jehovah allows me to accept that. Wanting reform means that someone has to admit that they made a mistake. Since when did that ever seem like a reasonable alternative to the org?

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    A letter campaign will only feed their delusion.


  • wannabefree

    A letter writing campaign came to my mind so I thought I would search for the subject before creating a new one .... alas, here is one of them.

    Would it or would it not be cool to have such a campaign organized?

    Not to Watchtower, but to select major media ... how about Anderson 360 on CNN?

    The Watchtower has had R&F inundate governments in times past by letter writing campaigns.

    It just needs somebody who can organize.

    Include df'd, da'd, reach out to local churches to share ... somebody ... pick up the torch!

  • cedars

    wannabefree, I would be interesting in assisting in composing any letters, please PM me if you need help on this...

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