I could use some fluffy help from creative minds...

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    Keep several names in mind and remember to make sure they aren't infringing on any trademarks.

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    By endurance I mean running or walking anwhere from a 5K to Marathon, or cycling century rides or longer.

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet by someone else here because I haven't read the responses, but what about........"The Finish Line"?

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    Mom's on the Run - appeals to a selective audience but is that always a bad thing?

    Jiggle Busters


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    "Fonk that"

    oh sorry got this in mind ... but still it chocs , they'll keep it in mind ! ... so what about :


  • Mac

    Smooth Motivator Tone at Home Fitness

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    Re: I could use some fluffy help from creative minds...

    Are you calling us "fluffers"?

    Well here are my ideas:

    • I'd change "Hissy Fit" to something that will make the double entendre a little more obvious... I'd change it to "Hissy Fitness".
    • Wall Breakers
    • Oh Bugger Will Your Legs Hurt After One Session With Me
    • Boundary Burners (does this sound like some kind of guerilla cult?)
    • Forward You Witnesses... erm... I mean Forward You Fitness-type people
    • Boundary Breakers
    • Wall Burners
    • Breakers of Boundaries
    • Burners of Boundaries
    • Cheap Rate Long Distance
    • Go The Distance
    • Going The Distance
    • Run Like a Futher Mucker!
    • Steroids 'R' Us
    • The Run Way
    • Keep On Truckin'

    OK... a little break from all this... time for a thought.... I'm sure American's have heard of the "Rug Doctor"... I thought they were referred to as OB/GYNs? <rimshot>

    • Run a Mile (slogan: "Run a while, with Run a Mile")
    • We Just Felt Like a'Runnin
    • Barrier Breakers
    • We Train You Long Time (slogan: "Two dollar")
    • Jog On
    • I Like Big Butts (note: this isn't a title suggestion... I'm just saying, I like big butts, why run to get rid of them?)
    • Pavement Pounders
    • Extreme Running (slogan: "We'll give you the runs!")
    • Keep On Moving
    • Motivated For Miles
    • End-ur-race Running (kinda lame, but kinda clever too)

    Well, this was all I could come up with for now. Just trawl through and try to find the ones I wasn't being a dumbass with. Hope one of these rings a bell for ya, however unlikely that may be.


  • bebu


    Oh Bugger Will Your Legs Hurt After One Session With Me
    We Train You Long Time (slogan: "Two dollar")
    We Just Felt Like a'Runnin

    My favorites!!

    But I think your suggestion, Hissy Fitness, as a 'real' suggestion is clever.


  • Princess

    Very clever Keith. Hissy Fitness is good as are some of the others you came up with. Steve was cracking up last night as he read them...

  • Sunnygal41
    Run Like a Futher Mucker!

    ROTFLMAO!!! Trust FMZ to provide humor!

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