I could use some fluffy help from creative minds...

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  • Princess

    How about something with "Sugar Pie" in it? (private joke everyone)

    .................or something with your old nickname in it "Retch" (one of her friends called her that) He he he, look what I can do! Good point Lee. Thanks, and I really like Run for your Life.

  • DazedAndConfused

    I personally like Hissy Fit.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    "Move and Improve" personal training at your service!

    Trust me

  • Mulan

    Hmmmmmmmmmm, Hissy Fit seems perfect................I'll bet your brothers will agree.

    Seriously, will the name really describe what you do? Or is it silly?

    I think "Run For Your Life" is really good, but sounds vaguely familiar. Is it an organized Cancer run perhaps?

    Just found this on a search engine

    Your business names ideas can influence how customers view your business long into the future

    Here are a few guidelines for your business names ideas:

    • The name needs to be easy to find and spell.
    • Try to encapsulate good qualities of customer service in the name as well as indicating what your business does.
    • Avoid names that are similar to another business name.
    • Check that no other business is using the same name.
  • Xena

    Huff and Puff

    Fit to Order

    JavaTone (cause we KNOWS you like the coffee)

    My contribution as I patiently wait for my personal training instruction via the internet

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    haha Just did a quick search on the net for "Run for Your Life" There are tons of them. Same for "Run for Life"

    Try a quick search on the net for ones you like. Then when you register the name you will be required to do a legal search.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    • Foot Path
    • For Feet'e Sake
  • Mulan

    I just did the same, Lee. Hissy Fit is a band from Vancouver.

    "Move and Improve" personal training at your service!

    Trust me

    That is actually pretty clever.

    I missed Travis' idea, which is also very good

    Finish First, Training & Consulting
  • Elsewhere

    Run With Rachel

    Run Here

    There is a local chain here in north texas called Run On. I also like Lady Lee's Run Free.

  • Princess
    I also like Lady Lee's Run Free.

    ...but make that check to Rachel Egner

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