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  • cyber-sista

    Totally nauseating...

    I know of a man who DAd himself in his late 40s--he is a mensa genius, but has never been to college, so despite being highly skilled cannot seek the career he would like to and with his intellegence level this has always been very frustrating to him. . Now he has no chance of the career he wants, as he can't afford to go back to college (has financial problems), plus he no longer has any communications with his family and friends and a strained marriage to boot. Sadley he has fallen into depression and resorted to drinking. As a young man he followed organizational direction and did not seek a higher education and this is the results.....Young people ask PART 2: What will I do with my life after I wasted all those years serving the WT Org?


  • Snowboarder

    i hate this DVD because it shots down all my goals.....being for snowboarding in the Olympics and running for President for BiH.....i would rather burn it.....

  • Heaven

    YOUNG PEOPLE ASK.... "Why do I watch these crappy DVDs?"

  • lovelylil

    The society has nothing at all to offer young people. They are against higher education but we live in a competetive world where you need more schooling than just High School.

    You need a real job with real $$$ to survive. And you need money to retire on too. I am sure many young people and thier families took note how older ones slaved for decades for the society just to be given a pink slip and sent packing, much older, uneducated and destititute. And what were they told?? Their families and congregation should help support them??

    If I was a JW parent still in......I would definately steer my kids away from any type of pioneering service for the WT and make sure they got an education. Peace, Lilly

  • sunglasses

    I'm sorry, I can't even read these posts. It turns my stomach watching them continue to brainwash the young to believe that the only thing that matters when you grow up is that you go door to door. No advice on getting a job, how to be sure your family has health insurance, how to make wise decisions in financial matters, or why the WTBS provides NOTHING in a material way for those who are faithful and in need. I'm sure the dvd weighs in heavily with guilt while comparing the life of a boy who lived 2000 years ago to their own; how Timothy didn't even HAVE a computer or a surfboard.

    Yup, the way they are going they will be admonishing against using electricity, running water, or automobiles. How about teaching them how to dress for respect? I cannot imagine any other organization that second-handedly owns more pilled polyester suits and ties, or flowery over-sized skirts or dresses. The way they dress does NOT make them blend in with the "professional business world". I am heartened to see that most of the kids I saw grow up in the borg are leaving and they can see the "truth". Remember the 3 monkeys? No hear, no see, no talk?

    What a bunch of monkeys.

  • wasblind

    " i hate this DVD because it shots down all my goals "

    Hey there Snowboarder,

    they can only shoot down your goals if you let them, I was shown that video cassette

    when they were tryin' to get me to pull my child out of school activities, but I didn't budge

    then the sister brought members of the flock with her to share how they would not allow

    their children to mingle unnecessarily with worldy children, still didn't budge, the the sister

    brought an elder over to convince me, that didn't work either, If it wasn't for my child I

    probably would be trapped in that cult today. Yes they tried to make me feel guilty by pointing

    out that scripture that says if you love your mother and father more than me, you are not worthy

    guess what ??? that didn't work either, so I guess I'm not worthy.

    Also I may add, two girls from that Hall became pregnant, one young man lives with worldly girl

    and one of the Elders duaghters was put in jail for writing forged checks. I could go on but the list is too long

    I know that's a lot of info but the WTS can't take anything from me , they hold no power over me

    And extracurricular activities were not the cause of their JW children to go astray

  • Snowboarder

    i still live at home and i'm thinking of throwing the DVD out, i hope my parents don't play it soon. i hate this DVD i would rather watch for 4 hours a empty back or white screen. it's more fun!

  • teel

    Snowboarder, you might try to scratch it, to make it unplayable. Do it in circular motion, not across the DVD, because the error correcting can recover the lost bits that way; but if you rotate the DVD while pressing a nail to it, it's certain to completely ruin it. Your parents will not necessarily suspect you, like in the case of throwing the DVD out.

    I hope people don't think here that I'm a corruptor of youth, teaching how to misbehave; this cult is evil, and sometimes you have to do things that are not very nice.

  • DagothUr

    I've seen this movie on CD in 2009. It was accompanied by an "questions and answers" article in the Kingdom Ministry so the whole congregation had to watch it. It did not touch my heart and it did not touch my mind. And yes, I think the Society is irreversibly losing the youngsters.

  • Nebeska Nada
    Nebeska Nada

    Snowboarder, are you from BiH?

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