As a JW, Did You Ever Get Away With Anything That Was a DF'ing Offense??

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  • M.J.

    I wonder how common it is for someone (especially a young person) to commit a disfellowshipping offense (such as premarital sex) and just fade away from the congregation for awhile, becoming inactive (and "worldly") out of guilt. Then to resume activity, perhaps in another congo, resolved to follow "the truth" yet never having faced any organizational discipline for the offenses leading to, and during their inactivity.

    I know someone who did this and have read about others who have done this. It's just another example of how any human system of discipline is imperfect and as such, should not claim to have any bearing on a person's status before God.

  • Ratboy

    I kept "wordly associations." I even had a "worldly" girlfriend, but I never got past first base with her. Lead first base pretty far, never stole it tho.

  • minimus

    MJ, it's interesting that many leave their Halls after a "sin" only to reappear elsewhere as super zealous Witnesses.

  • nb-dfed

    Many come to mind...heavy petting, underage drinking, smoking, 'R" rated movies...

  • minimus

    Anyone ever get df'd for watching "R" rated movies??

  • mkr32208

    hey i got a h@andjob from a pioneer while out in service does that quailify,,, god i miss her! We had LOTS of fun together she's still in and last time i was in her area we engaged in some pretty heavy petting... in the hall again!

  • phil78

    Well, never got into anything that serious myself....

    But a good friend of mine, she was around 25, started going out with one of the other boy in the cong. He was 17. He was hungry for IT..... and she was ravenous. No one caught them, but it was the subject of many whispered conversations in the hall. They eventually got married, in a park. We couldn't figure why they didn't use the hall.

    It came out later they were busted by her mum just after they were officially engaged. Her mum let herself into her daughters bedroom, just as she was coming out of her onsuite bathroom. She quickly pulled on her bathrobe and closed the bathroom door. She was standing talking to her mum, and then the bathroom door opened and her fiancee walked out with his towel around his waist. They confessed all. Sex in the carpark during meetings, in the cinema, in their loungeroom. It had been going on since nearly straight after they met.

    To make this just a bit juicer, her dad was our Presiding Overseer. He did tell the other elders, and a unanomous decision was made not to further the issue. This was told to me by the girl, after their marrage broke up after 10 months. He felt used, she felt like a babysitter.


  • minimus

    Great story, Phil! Good to see you posting!

  • tata

    Yesssss! LOL

    And I'm still doing, like write in this forum.

  • hillary_step

    When I was a young man I drank a thermos flask full of Vodka during the Sunday afternoon session of a long and tedious Twickenham District Assembly in London.

    Now I did not actually get drunk, so I am not sure that my offense falls into the realm of sins that could lead to being knocked out cold by a Judicial Committee. All that happened was that I saw in my Smirnoff induced haze, squadrons of big red dots firing question marks at me from their mounted cannons. In fact when the speaker boomed the word 'incoming', in the expression 'Incoming New Order....', I threw myself under my bench and hid between the legs of a voluminous old Sister who thankfully was sleeping.

    Best regards - HS

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