How Many People Are Less Stressed Since Leaving The Witnesses?

by minimus 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    For some, there's instant relief. For others, it takes time.

  • cornish
  • marie

    I am happier healthier and wealthier. Less irritated, less headaches, heaps and heaps better all round.

    Only one downside that I could of left years ago and had this glorious freedom from stress sooner.

    but better late than never.

  • DaCheech

    I'm not out, but ever since I realized that my time was being wasted:

    I stopped aux pioneering, and kissing arse, and doing every friggin extra thing (like getting to meeting 30 min early and leaving almost at the end)

    My life has been simplified so much, and I don;t ever have to do the "run everywhere thing"

    I can now breathe!

  • nb-dfed

    I was very stressed at first. Depressed, guilt ridden, sufffering anxiety attacks. It took a few years and some antidepressants, but now I feel great!!

  • DaCheech

    My friend gets panic attack when he has to do a talk!

    Elders did not believe him, he's on medication!

    I think alot of people are getting these

  • hillary_step


    How Many People Are Less Stressed Since Leaving The Witnesses?

    I am not quite sure of the exact number, but I think many more than twelve.


  • minimus

    Hillary, you are cute. Glad to see new ones here!!! I hope your not under stress here!!

  • justhuman

    For sure I'm feeling less stress. I don't have any guilt that I didn't make the reasonable hours at the end of the month, no fear that God will destroy me because I didn't help anyone to come to the truth, or that I don't do enough to please the Old Men in Brooklyn.

    Plus I can listen to any kind of music without giving a sh..t what the 'brothers' will say, going to the football game of the Blues, and waving the flag of my country, celebrating when we win, and be proud for what I'm, knowing that I'm carrying a history of 5000 years, and when we were writting history, arts, philosophy, culture, science, created the Olympic Games, DEMOCRACY with the true meaning the ancestors of the FDS were hanging over the trees!!!

    And the most important is that the new testament was written in Hellenic language the most reach language in the world, and I don't need any psychopathetic leaders of an american cult to explain to me what the words of Jesus...

  • phil78

    I myself have not been to meetings for about 4 months, and i feel fantastic. Witnessing hours, pre-study, meetings, answering up, talks/assignments, forced smile's, all these things take effort when yr not under their spell.

    My wife only decided to break free this week. I understand its early days, but on Saturday she was crying, saying she wanted my help to get to the tuesday meeting. She was stressed what others would be thinking about our absence. I said if she needed my help and motivation, then it wasn't something she really wanted. We talked for a bit, and i got her onto THIS site. She read post's about breaking free, and slowly and un-obtrusively floating away. Tuesday came and went. She is all smiles. She answers the phone when i call with a calmness in her voice that i have NEVER heard before. If this is a sign of things to come, I say



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