My Brother's Funeral (Part One)

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  • seeitallclearlynow

    Doodle, thanks for sharing this very touching and personal experience with us. You've related the "feeling" of the whole experience very, very well...and I'm very sorry for your loss.

  • ignored_one
    I did however leave this photo hanging in my living room.

    Something tells me someone is going to be StumbledTM by it.

    Can't wait for Part 2.



    Ignored One.

  • Farkel


    I hope the energy it took to write that very touching account has helped you in the healing process.

    : I open my eyes and hear Brother Elder say ?aren?t we glad to be Jehovah?s People? And aren?t we glad we have the hope of everlasting life on a paradise earth? We feel sorry for those that don?t have the truth don?t we? They are living in darkness, no hope. Too bad for them.?

    That is truly disgusting and out-of-context for such an event, but wasn't even nearly as disgusting as something Fred Franz said we he gave a funeral talk. The first words out of his mouth after he took the podium were:

    "Isn't it GRAND to be ALIVE!" What a cold-hearted self-centered bastard he was.

    My experience of dub funerals is this: the deceased is only a prop used for the WTS to promote its doctrines and self-interests, not a time to remember and share the life and times of the person who no longer is with us.


  • Kaethra

    very touching Doodle...and so familiar. I'm so sorry for your loss. I found this line of yours particularly heartbreaking: "My parents ask to follow us because they had never been to our house before." I'm tearing up over that.

    I've been to two jw funerals recently and you capture the feelings I had very well. It's so awkward when they sing those songs. I love to sing and I remember those songs so well...even if they are bizarre and awful to me now. I felt like I was being disrespectful by not singing, but hypocritical to sing something that is so far removed from what I believe (or rather, don't believe) now. ugggh...

    I'm looking forward to the rest when you are able to write it.

    ((cyber-hugs to you)),


  • Kaethra

    oh and I meant to add - I'm very sorry for your loss too Elvis. That is so sad.

  • Narkissos


    Thanks for sharing this so painful story.

  • frenchbabyface


    I feel lucky by now that I didn't have to face a beloved once lost ... and moreover in reading your story and what you've had to "hear" (when faith is gone), now I feel like I will probably not going to any JW's funeral even if its my mons or sister once - but only meeting other before of after IT that day (caus' I won't be able to restrain myself to say what I think, when it's just time for respect ... but for who when the one you feel about at the moment is in the box and that the other one just helped him to get there ? (because of there faith I know ... but still ... I know I wouldn't be able to restrain myself to say something, and moreover if it is about a blood issue !!! even in knowing that it wouldn't help anyone doing it at that moment (I'm just not strong enough).

    I might died before anyone will and won't have to face it afterall (it feels better that way ... not my choice anyway).

  • Xandria


    I am sorry for your loss, compounded with dealing with the mentally draining issue of bearing with more. I can understand the delay in you mentally taking this all out for examination. It is much easier dealing with it, in sections or a little at a time, due to it being so overwhelming.


  • Kaethra

    Frenchbabyface - you wrote "now I feel like I will probably not going to any JW's funeral even if its my mons or sister"

    I hear you on that one. As awful and uncomfortable as it is though, it is one final act of respect and love for the person who has passed. It is a small sacrifice to make. I hope that people will come to my matter how awkward it may make them feel.

  • czarofmischief

    Wow. Intense. My sympathy.

    Wow.... I couldn't handle that. I don't think I could. Hell, I can't even get through the Watchtower study.


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