Letter From Society Say Going To a JW/Non-JW Wedding Has Consequences!

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  • Scully

    This is just sickening. And yet, they still claim that they don't fck up families.

    Love, Scully

  • Sassy

    I know it has been said .....not sure about print

    a friend of mine's daughter married a non babtized guy...

    the elders and close friends of theirs were taken aside and told that the CO said if they attend, they would lose their positions

  • minimus

    Well, like I said, a couple of heads will start rolling soon!

  • Insomniac

    Oh, this is frigging crap, and bloody un-Christian! What the heck is so threatening about two people in love getting married? To tell people not to attend the wedding of a friend or relative, just because one of the parties is not a dub, is just heartless. Damn them for driving families apart with their guilt trips.


    Brother number 3 in my family was "associating" with the jws and got interested in a jw gal. Her daddy was an elder and he allowed them to marry in the kingdumb hall. That was about 20 years ago. With his daddy-in-law being an elder, my brother was smart never to get baptised. Everytime he does something "wrong" (according to my s-i-l), she runs to daddy-elder to "straighten out" my brother. Can you imagine what would happen if he ever got baptised? He would be threatened with disfellowshipping every week for any little perceived infraction! As it is, he is always in trouble with daddy-elder.

    I feel sorry for him ... Twisted religion.

    Frankly, I'm not surprised that the WT made such a rigid "rule". That is very typical of a high-control, fear-based religious cult. Not that it would be in the Bible, though.

    <----------------my family



  • minimus

    My mother told me she was apprehensive in telling me, knowing I'd say, "This proves they are a cult".

  • shamus


    I don't believe it.

    When someone has some concrete proof, fine. I know that 'the society' is a virus of society but I highly doubt that they actually did this. Many elders and MS's have unbelieving family members no in the society, and they have to appear as normal as possible to 'win them over'. I highly doubt that the society actually did this drastic step. That would be stepping over a lot of lines.

  • minimus

    Shamus, do you think the Society is beyond that?? With all due respect, get your head out of the sand. There are 3 people in total that have said these things were said from the platform in 3 different congregations.

  • shamus
    There are 3 people in total that have said these things were said from the platform in 3 different congregations.

    Hearsay is hardly fact, Minimus.

    If this is such a fact, why aren't there more people saying that this actually happened? I only hear one person claiming it and it's you. Lots here, including me, still have ties to the 'organization'. I still have friends in, and they keep me updated.

    Not a peep about this one.

  • minimus

    It was "supposedly" said Tuesday night at their meetings. I wasn't there. But I will tell you that an elder approached my pioneer aunt from yet a different Hall and told her last month that they had information from the Society stating that if a pioneer went to such a wedding they would not be allowed to pioneer. My aunt then refused to go. Now whether you choose to believe that or not is up to you.

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