What is with the Witnesses in this area???

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  • under74

    whether it's true or not the mental image made me chuckle

  • Dolllie

    "I have no reason to post anything that is not true!" .... this just seems to be an area where the JW's are not "in to" what they are doing & they seem to "make up their own rules" based on what suits them. They just do not "follow the system".

  • BrendaCloutier
    still for making wine

    You don't use a still for making wine. Wine will make itself with just the introduction of the appropriate yeasts feeding on natural or added sugars. However, the highest any naturally produced alcohol can attain is 13-14% before the yeast dies. (Alcohol being a by-product of yeast - read yeast farts). A still is for dis-stilling the alcohol from the original source, of which the alcohol in wine is the source for distilling into brandy, or for fortifying wines like MD 20/20.

    These guys were going for the gusto!


  • Dolllie

    I got of the bus from work the other day & got into a cab to take me the rest of the way home. There was a "Witness" in the taxi on her way to her Bible study, down the street from where I live. She had her "books" in a decorative, little shopping bag... she was dressed very nicely, BUT she had on a "pantsuit".

    The cabs around here are "bad", real slow & there is only 1 cab company! They have "jitnies" (illegal cabs) that park/wait around the train & bus stations to pic up people. Since they do not have metors in their cars, you pay them whatever you want.... The "Witness" gave him $1 for the cab ride..... I paid him $6, what the usual metored ride is & was glad not to have waited 20 minutes for a cab.

    What's wrong with this picture??? A "Witness" wearing pants to a Bible study, traveling in an "illegal cab" & ripping him off ( or at least not being "genorous") & paying him only $1 for the trip......

  • detective


    What's wrong with this picture??? A "Witness" wearing pants to a Bible study, traveling in an "illegal cab" & ripping him off ( or at least not being "genorous") & paying him only $1 for the trip......

    My thought is that there is plenty wrong with this picture. First off, how did you know the woman was a Jehovah's Witness? How can you be sure that either woman was actually a Jehovah's Witness (eg, I picked up a phone book the other day and yet I am not a telephone operator- imagine that)? How do you know the importance of pants vs. dresses to Jehovah's Witnesses? How do you know how much she paid her cab driver? How do you know how long her trip was? How do you know she was going to bookstudy?


    There sure is something wrong with this picture alrighty...

  • bebu

    I don't share rides with strangers in a taxi.

    ...So, you do know this person... and knew where she was going... and you obviously aren't DF because she surely wouldn't share a taxi with you if she knew you were.


    Edited to add: I see now from your first posts you are not a JW, but only had contacts with them thru family. And many of them have been rude.

    The mental image of the person smoking a cigarette makes me laugh, btw. I imagine Phyllis Diller (pre-surgery) standing there...

  • Dolllie

    "You could tell she was headed for her Bible study".... it was the day of the week for the required Bible study, the time of day for the Bible study. ... she had the "standard" black JW Bible, plus the "suplimentary" book with her.

    It was "her" cab. She was in the cab first, I was going to the same street & was offered to ride too..... & "I looked" to see how much she gave the driver, so I could base what I gave the driver upon that. I would never have the nerve to give the driver $1 for a fare metored at $6 by the "legal" cab company.... the lowest I would go is to "hand him a $5 bill"

  • mkr32208

    dumb... this is like finding demonic pics in the books lots of dubs have faults some of them are WAY WAY worse than worldly people but they HIDE IT not always well but they do try give it up it wasn't a dub smoking!

    ungenerous and wearing a pantsuit... that descibes 99% of the business women in my city who cares move on to the next topic!

  • Stefanie

    LMAO This whole thread has me in LOL!

    It reminds me of going on a bible study with an "anointed sis" and she said that her bible studies breath smelled like "cat poop"!

  • kaykay_mp
    I "finally" see one of them distributing the magazines at the bus stop AND she is walking along "with a cigarette hanging out the side of her mouth", smoking while she is doing it.

    oh hell, i saw old ladies doing that when I was living in Germany.



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