Any witnesses celebrating a birthday?

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  • evergreen

    My childs bithday is coming up in october and this year im going for it.I have her present bought and everything is in place to give her fantastic day to remember.For to long i have doubted this unfair policy of the borg and push has finally come to shove!

    Anyone else doing the same either priavately or openly

  • kls

    Good for you . It means so much to a child to celebrate the day they came into the world. Just because a bunch of old farts say it is evil and wrong the child suffers in marking a great day in their life.

  • 4JWY

    I hope you and your child have a wonderful birthday !!

    Just this weekend, I gave my son his first b-day party at 18 years old. A fun time was had by all - the only regret I have is that I didn't get a group photo of all the guys that came to it as it was such a memorable day in his life. One of the guys said he hadn't had a b-day party since he was about 15 and I told him, "would you believe this is the first one my son has EVER had and the first I have been to or given?" He was stunned and received just a brief explanation of the why's and wherefore's as, who wanted to get into all the WTS crap on this special day?


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I have been celebrating my birthday now for about 22 years.

    Since my kids were born we also celebrate theirs ( they do not know any other way of life) When my first child had her first birthday I did it up big with a three tier cake and 6 dozen pink ballons and lots of guests. My wife ( who was never a JW) thought I was going a bit overboard and I told her " this is to compensate for all the birthdays I never had as a kid".

    Celebrate and have fun! Spoil your kids with presents on their special day!

  • mkr32208

    I have two children oldest is almost 3 (jan) youngest is almost 1 (nov) I recently announced to my wife i was having a party resulted in two weeks of almost constant fighting but thats just TS for her were having the parties!

    I've also told her when the kids get older if they want to celebrate the holidays we will and too bad so sad glad yer mad for her foolish beliefs! she won't attempt to argue anymore as i've blown about 75% or her beliefs out of the water already!!!

    just fyi where i fianally won this fight was when i stated I would discuss any of her beliefs out of the bible only we would set down and pick a belief and use the bible just like we used to have a family study but no watchtower reference material and no internet for me we take about half an hour to prepare then set down at the table with only our bibles and one page of scriptures only!!! seems to work well!

  • Teela

    As a exjw I practise birthdays hard and long. My mother who hasn't been for years has suddenly decided she wants us (her children) to celerbate hers. Fat chance! we celerbrate her birth because she changes her mind. Only when I get presents for mine and she can cought up a "happy birthday" for me. Not just a phone call on my "special day' More crap

  • HappyDad

    Celebrate your childs birthday...............It is a special occasion.........VERY SPECIAL!

    I have been out for 4 years now and this past Sept. 2.........I wrapped and sent presents to my daughter for the first time in my and her life. It felt so good to do that and she loved it. She is now 33 and an xjw too!

    Just wait 'til Xmas.............I will go into a small debt to really do it for the first time. Anyone who means anything to me is going to get a personally wrapped present. My wrapping abilities need a lot of practice since I never did it before.

    And I'm sending out Xmas cards too!


  • SusanHere

    I don't know if this is a subtle policy change, or a non-official but people are just doing it policy change, but my sister, who is a devout JW, has been for decades, is a pioneer, etc., just this year sent me a birthday card that actually said "Happy Birthday to my Sister" on the front of it. Inside was a handwritten note about the bond we will always have as "Sisters".

    This is a huge change from a few years ago when I received my first "birthday" greeting from her in decades in the form of a "For Your Special Day" card, no mention of birthday or "sister". She used to refer to me as her "fleshly sister" which bugged the heck out of me since it's an ugly term and implies I'm second class at best and soon to be birdfood. So this is progress.

    She also sent a birthday card, which also said "Happy Birthday" on the front of it, to our father, with money enclosed for a gift, with the suggestion that he and our mother go out to dinner on her money. So, a card AND a gift.

    As I said, I don't know if this is policy changing at individual level, or maybe that she herself is beginning to realize at last that all the crudola she has believed all these years is basically the same stuff that they bag for fertilizer. Whatever, I'm rejoicing in the change, and encouraging it.

    I also never say word one against her religion, which I believe lowers her defenses since she expects everyone to oppose her. I just make a point of telling her a bit at a time how blessed our own lives have been because of our own religion. Apparently that has begun to hit home, too, as she included comments in the last conversation about how she knows it was my religion that helped bring our two adopted sons out of the nightmare trauma of their birth family. She actually said all the programs we have for children really helped our children (as opposed no doubt to how it is in her JW world where the children get zilch by way of child-level fun at church).

    So she is recognizing that Sunday School is actually of value, and youth programs, even though not something done in Bible times. (Like anything about our lives can related directly to how they did things back then anyway!)

    So maybe even the older ones are beginning to loosen up a bit. We can hope.


  • Dawn

    Awesome! You will have a great time and a wonderful memory - with many more to come!

    I started celebrating birthdays after I was DF'd so my son had his first birthday celebration when he turned 5. He's in college now, needless to say, we've had many upon many fun celebrations since then. I'm glad I got out when he was still little - he hadn't bonded with any JW friends yet, so he didn't miss any of them - and he was able to grow up with normal fun celebrations.

    My daughter was born after I left - she's been spared ALL of that crazy crap!

  • Sassy

    I havent been only but a yr.. it was my first born's birthday today.. I gave birth to him 26 yrs ago.. I sent him a card and gift via mail.. hate being so far away..

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