do i know you???

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  • Insomniac

    I ran into one lady I knew from years ago, on this board. She'd mentioned some details in some of her posts that seemed really familiar to me; it was so cool to speak to her after all these years.

    I believe that my brother was lurking here for a while, and may still, although I've yet to spot him as a poster. (C'mon, bro, don't leave me hanging!)

    I don't want to post my name, but I've lived in Austin, Bastrop, and Smithville in Texas; Norfolk, VA; Hertford, NC; and midcoast Maine area. I'm 35 and female. If anyone here thinks they might know me, please get in touch through pm.

  • Balsam


    I no longer hide myself. My profile shows who I am and where I live. I try to use the name Balsam anywhere I post on the net. Though sometimes other people have my online name. My children are out of the JW's and free and no need to hid anymore to protect my family. I've been out of the JW now for 3 1/2 years, and proud of it.

    Ruth Baker

  • ballistic

    One thing to bear in mind.

    We know there are millions of ex-Witnesses when you include those brought up in it and never baptised.

    Only a small proportion have issues which would bring them to a message board like this.

    Only a small proportion have the internet.

    Only a small porportion of them have the geek factor.

    So, we all actually have more in common than we think!

  • teejay

    i hope no one knows me.. all i know from my old hall are sadistic tattle tales lmao

    I think I know you!!


  • Corvin

    Since I came completely out of the apostate closet, I have had a couple folks who knew me way back when privately reveal themselves to me. I appreciated that.

    They live here locally, but we haven't yet gotten together.


  • Nosferatu

    As far as I know, there is nobody here that knew me in my past JW life.

    However, at our last ex-jw meetup, a girl showed up who I went to school with. I remember trying to flirt with her in my computer class. She did her best at ignoring me, and then someone told me she was a JW.

    I think it's funny that she left!

  • iiz2cool

    I met one person here from my past JW life. He recognized my from my first post.

    If you're from Ontario, Canada feel free to PM me and we can meet up for some beers.


  • mkr32208

    I've got to be honest i think if i could get my family the five total who are still in to get out i'd leave all this behind me... anyway anyone who used to know me my name is mark rounds grew up in watkins glen ny cong. living in jacksonville florida now was in the following cong's northeast, highlands, avondale

    cast off fear be proud of who you are and who you where! first step to true healing!

  • jwbot

    I am Jessie Lacey, age 22. Was in Limington congregation in Maine. Then mostly Milo, Maine. Also went to Old Town and Bangor cong. briefly. Know me? Anyone?

  • Preston

    I went to congregations in Phoenix and Scottsdale here in Arizona, but I don't think there's many people from AZ so I don't seem to bother making my name more public... However, I like to show off my pic....

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