In your own opinion, what makes someone smart?

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  • jwbot

    Yeah, it depends on the subject, but I think I am smart. (pronounced "smaaht" in Maine)

    I think when it comes to design and art, visual things, I am smart. Could I write a book? Not one that people would read.

    What makes a person smart? Thats a loaded question. I think a combination of their ability to learn, adapt and function in society, also invention of ideas...wit. etc. IQ is just a number...if they are not ambitious enough to learn and function...its just a number. many elipses does one use? The more...the smarter the person is!!!

  • StinkyPantz


    I LOVE ellipses!

    I must disagree though that I.Q. is just a number.. I think in most cases it can be a good gauge; and yes I know the arguments against it (culturally biased, etc.), but I still see value in it.

  • kls

    Everyone is smart or knowledgeable in their own way.IQ? my sister was in Menza for having such a high IQ and yet in so many was she was very unknowledgeable. Everyone is smart in something and less smart in something else. Some can master math problems where they are considered smart but in other areas they are lacking some common knowledge. Some can raise children where another person has never had children does that make them dumb , no they just are lacking the knowledge that someday they will have . So i can't go by IQ s ,it's what you have learned in life and the experiences you have that make a person smart.

  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    When someone uses a lot of big words in his posts, it makes me think that he is not very smart, butr rather a good thesaurus looker-upper.

    I think being open-minded and smart go hand in hand.

  • jwbot
    Everyone is smart or knowledgeable in their own way

    Not everyone. I have met some truly dumb people, who were dumb in every aspect of life. I am not being mean. Some people are not fortunate enough to be born with more than 10 brain cells.

  • StinkyPantz


    I now predict that everyone will give "PC" answers, which normally doesn't bother me.

    I'd love to see someone say that a 'straight A making, 140 I.Q. having' person is smart. I think that's smart! I sometimes think that people get so wrapped up in acknowledging "emotional intelligence", that they forget about the A student; or the girl who spells properly most of the time; the guy that has a large working vocabulary. What about the girl who can do calculus at age 12? Book smarts are smarts too!

  • kls

    Jwbot even with 10 brain cells they have some knowledge. There is a man in my local store that has brain-damage ,he may not think like a knowledgeable person but he does bag groceries and is very good with figures so in his own way he is smart.

  • drwtsn32

    Some might think an intelligent person is someone with a lot of knowledge. I would disagree with that. One's ability to memorize facts has nothing to do with your intelligence. (I wish I had a photographic memory, though!) Anyone can grow in knowledge, but your intelligence level is probably fixed.

    An intelligent person to me is someone that can understand new concepts pretty easily. They think things out logically. They demand evidence for believing in something, whatever it might be.

    In my line of work (network administration) it is pretty easy to tell if a coworker is "smart" or not by watching how they attack a problem. Some people will just try things haphazardly without *thinking*. They'll try something that wouldn't make sense to an "intelligent" person. Or they will make a change without thinking things through and considering possible consequences of making such a change. (Maybe you can tell that I have to deal with people like this at work on a regular

  • StinkyPantz
    An intelligent person to me is someone that can understand new concepts pretty easily.

    This is EXACTLY how I feel!

  • Princess
    They demand evidence for believing in something, whatever it might be.

    Dammit Doc, if you turn this into another aspartame thread, I'm outta here.

    BTW Doodle, if everyone were as smart as I am, I'd never have to reply to these threads.

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