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  • Brummie

    Hello homme, glad to see you using you're God given brain, thats what its for!

    Welcome aboard, there's a lot to find out.


  • homme perdu
    homme perdu

    I typed Jehovah's Witness in the Yahoo search bar and there was a site about UN and Watchtower. The site provided steps to obtain the document from the UN website.

  • jaredg

    awesome homme....WECLOME!!

  • cyber-sista


    Yes, I think many of us here went into shock when we first found out what really goes on behind the WT wall. The UN scandal was an eye opener for me, along with the silent lambs program, plus the many things that happened to me personally and to others I knew while under the control of the Org. Though I had been aware that much was amiss in WT land over the years I had stuffed it all in a box and kept myself in a state of denial. Finding sites such as this and knowing that there are thousands of others who are leaving the Org every year has been an eye opener too, but it is also a validation for me of all the things that I had suspected were wrong over the years. It is a difficult transistion but one that was necessary for me in order to preserve my life, my love and my sanity. Just recently I had to explain to someone why I wasn't "going to the meetings" anymore. I told them that it was not a healthy thing for me and my family--end of story. Hope you can find your way through all of this. Get some help if you need too (therapy--counceling,etc.)--this site is great too. The best to you,


  • Mecurious?

    What up homie?

    Sorry couldn't resist.

    Great post btw.


  • codeblue

    Welcome Homme!

    Sounds to me that you have been doing your "homework"....(here's a pat on the back for you!)

    I was raised in the truth(tm) and got baptized in my late teens....Didn't come to your realizations till about a year ago.

    Good thing you aren't baptized......it will be easier for you to ask the elders some questions. (you know they want you to get baptized and to keep a hold of you thru the "time card".) If and when you ask them any questions be sure to ask in this manner:

    "I am so confused about (you fill in the blanks with what you presented on the first post of this thread).....could you please help me understand this???"

    I understand why you don't want to be alienated from your family....but here again, you NOT being baptized puts you in a different light with them (a not so judgemental light, they will just figure you are going thru a stage and hope you will come in the truth(tm) soon)

    I am fading and am trying to not alienate any of my family. Fortunately, I don't live close to any of them.

    Hope all goes well with you, and keep us posted on any conversations you might have.



  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Welcome Homme,

    And from your impulse to question and find answers, I'd say your only lost/perdu to the Org...but you're not hopelessly lost in the numbing JW mindset.

    I envy you're being unbaptized...that is a huge benefit and should make fading away real easy. You sound smart and resourceful enough to pull off a fantasy I had while bored in service a long time ago. I was never motivated enough to try. Get a few territory cards on your own. Look for the do not calls on the sheet that are nearly expired. Secretly leave in their mailbox a pamphlet/flyer with websites on the WT false prophecies, flipflops, and now the UN and silentlambs material. Change the date on the do not calls to make it expired and the next time you're out with an elder you and him try the call. Too much work, with no real certainty of it working though..those people either wouldn't read it or the ones who did would probably not be at home. I

    Nice having you here.

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