Conned By Black & Decker.

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  • Englishman

    I don't use B & D stuff much. I much prefer to buy my tools from Makita or Bosch. They last for years too.

    Well, a few months ago, I was in Clark's Village where B & D have a direct factory outlet. I wandered into the store, mainly out of idle curiosity, and chortled at the "plasticky" stuff on display. Great products for amateurs, but for us hardened tradesmen with the compulsory "builders bum" no way was it up to scratch!

    One thing caught my eye though. An electric alligator type saw on sale for about £20. Hmm. Not bad, I thought, if I get a years use out of it I shall have no cause for complaint. This is it:

    Well, guess what. B & D have sold loads of their Scorpion models and have decided the time is ripe to fleece their customers. They have now raised the price of one blade to £10.50. That's over $17!

    My Scorpion is now going in the bin. I shall buy a Bosch alligator saw which will accept virtually any blade into it's jaws, none of which will cost one-third of the rip-off price that B & D are charging.


  • Amazing1914

    Hey E-Man,

    "... chortled at the "plasticky" stuff ..."

    Hardened advanced plastics are very desirable in the USA. They prevent electricution, are lighter and easier to handle. However, I can't speak for other aspects of quality or lack thereof. I generally do not buy Black & Decker, however, as I find other makes more to my liking. Most of my hand tools are Stanley or S & K. The rest are a hodge-podge of various brands. - Jim W.

  • SheilaM

    Thunder would NEVER buy a B&D he too has learned the hard way....He doesn't have an alligator saw hmmm maybe that would be a nice B-day gift. E what do you use it for...material,jobs etc. I don't want to get him a redundant tool Sheila

  • Quotes

    (quoting Steve Martin from the movie "The Jerk"): "So....... it's a profit deal, eh?"

  • jst2laws

    One of the best tools available for years has been DeWalt. Beating out Makita, Ryobi and Milwaukee in southern US. But guess who bought out DeWalt a few years ago. Black and Decker. So far I see no depreciation in quality. They will probably keep this line high quality commercial. But that being the case, don't expect ANYTHING with a Black and Decker label on it to be of anything other that a home owners junk tool.

    Mike, you alerted us to another ploy. Thanks. Black and Decker has a place in the market. They make great gifts to home owners who will never use them.


  • Soledad

    Black & Decker SUCKS. I'm saddened to hear they bought out DeWalt.

  • Thirdson


    When I worked as a field engineer we preferred Makita tools. Even now I own Makita tools for home use. I've always treated the B&D stuff as cheap products only suitable for occasional home use. I seem to remember we only referred to that particular brand as Slack & Wrecker.


  • CoonDawg

    B&D bought DeWalt several years ago...back when I was still in the Hardware Biz. Actually, B&D also has a professional grade that is every bit as good as Milwaukee or Bosch. You just have to search for it and pay the premium price. In fact, their plumber's right angle drill was so superior that we carried it as a first choice over Milwaukee, since we started having trouble with their angle drills.

    Personally, My alligator saw is a Porter Cable Tiger, at the time of purchase, it was the best on the market and made right here in good old Tennessee. I also have a number of Makita and Bosch products...In fact, I just bought a brand new Bosch power planer last weekend and haven't even used it yet.

    You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to tools. On my hand tools, though, I buy Ace Hardware's professional line because it is made by Dahner Tool Group who also happen to manufacture Craftsment tools at the same plant. I get the same quality and warranty for about 30% less cost.


  • ballistic

    I bet that left you feeling a bit "saw"!

  • The Thinker
    The Thinker

    there there.... there there....

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