Conned By Black & Decker.

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  • Mutz

    Gouging the customer is what it's all about these days. Selling a quality product and providing a fair service is mostly a thing of the past.
    These days it's cheaper to just sling the tool and buy a new one.

  • ballistic

    I bet they "saw" you coming!!!

  • TD

    Black & Decker's own tool line is garbage (IMHO) --Strictly for the homeowner, not the professional.

    However Black & Decker is a corporate giant. They acquired DeWalt from AMF in the year 1959, although DeWalt continued to be run as a separate company.

    Many of the large industrial DeWalt radial arm saws produced during the 1960's in fact also bear the Black & Decker name on the motor pivot. I've actually got one that belonged to my grandfather out in the garage. It's an easy way to date them, because those produced prior to 1959 say "AMF DeWalt" on the arm instead of just "DeWalt"

    In addition to Dewalt, Black & Decker also owns Emhart, Price-Pfister and Kwikset.

    Black & Decker will also acquire the Pentair group later this year. Pentair owns Delta, Porter-Cable, Devilbiss, Oldham and Flextools.

  • TD

    For any doubting Thomas's

  • Norm

    Aw, comeone Mike,

    Go for Hitatchi their professsional tools last a lifetime. Everything else are for sissies.

    Take care,


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