They came by today

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  • Special K
    Special K

    Czar.. 10


    good job, Czar.

    This is a very encouraging post for ALL of us.

    Special K

  • Jankyn

    Must have been a busy Sunday, as my "territory" came up, too, Czar. When I came home from the gym yesterday morning, there was a car group fanning out in my neighborhood. I went up the stairs to my building right behind two young sisters, impeccably dressed in the pastel, flowery, almost-stylish Witness way. I asked if I might help them, they launched into their spiel, I said "Jehovah's Witnesses?" to which they answered, "Yes."

    Then I said, "I can spot Witnesses a mile away. I hope you have a very nice day, but Apartment A is not interested. If you want to wake up my neighbors, be my guest, but I can't vouch for how polite they'll be this early on a Sunday morning." (The other folks in my building are NOT early risers on Sunday, due to a great deal of happy-making on Saturday night!).

    They were a bit taken aback, but I didn't stick around to chat--all sweaty and in need of morning ablutions, as Czar might say.

    There's a certain freedom in not feeling compelled to discuss anything with them, you know. And it's a security building, so they'll have to get one of my neighbors to let them in--not very damn likely. I love my neighbors, but this building is a hotbed of free-thinkers.


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    CZAR !!

    I celebrate your freedom with you. I do know EXACTLY the feeling you describe about the "Dark Tower" and the confused; arrogant and condescending look in their eyes when they realize that you are free and they CANNOT reel you back in ---not under ANY circumstance.

    BRAVO CZAR! You have passed a milestone!


  • czarofmischief

    thank you very much guys. I feel pretty good about it. I was trying to brag to people at work, but they didn't really get it like all of you do.

    "free thinkers" are often as vulnerable to mind control as anybody else, Jankyn, because they often don't use their "filters" to screen out the BS and too-good-to-be-true promises... but congrats on your own freedom!


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    czar; i've been reading your post here, and at first i will a little disappointed, because you were so nice. i like stories about how someone had the jw's mowing the lawn with thier teeth. but the fact is you can handle them in so many ways , to blow their big heads. you did fine and took that elders head out of the clouds. and let him know , he ain't shit. and you didn't even have to raise your voice. the look you put on his face, tells it all. i feel your pleasure john

  • outnfree


    Your post makes me feel positively gleeful! Thanks for the lift in my day!


  • Snapdragon

    Hey Czar, long time no chat. Glad to hear you're doing well.

    Very mature like. 26 years and a wife and some kids does that stuff, eh?

    Have you posted your story before? You should, if you haven't.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    Czar, I've been rereading the thread and I want to emphasize something you said:

    She knows what I went through. Not many do. It was bad. Really bad. No wonder I am so messed up still about it. I mean, I was frightened of them - frightened! Me! I've been hit. I've hit back. I don't know what I was frightened of or why.

    But it was fear - and I conquered it. And YOU CAN TOO! All you lurkers, when the worst is over, you will have won against them! Don't let the fear overwhelm you!

    Good reminders to take home with us!

  • Preston
    He, rather imperiously, I thought, rasied a finger to have me wait up.

    Sounds like you gave him the other finger....

  • doodle-v


    Tears came to my eyes when I read this. Bravo


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