The Watchtower is degenerating

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  • Elsewhere
    They have no date to look at - not that we're supposed to speculate. But, when you're on a treadmill of 5 weekly meetings a week, field service on the weekends, and making yourself available for those return visits and bible studies, it can all get too much - so what do you do? Hope the world will end soon, calculate your own Armaggedon dates and wish it was all over. They can't do that anymore.

    Could you imagine running on a treadmill with a personal trainer that keeps saying: You can stop in just a moment... any second now.. soon... very soon... almost there...

    but you never actually get to stop!

  • Farkel

    Two years ago I made very similar observations:

    The Glory Days Are Over


  • jgnat

    That's it, we have two "witnesses", Farkel and Truthseeker. For true, the society is in it's death throes. Now, all we need is a date.

    *ahem* what I mean is, I don't need a "date", I dearly love my man, but I am referring to a calendar date of The End.

    I figure it could go either way; slow and ignomonious death (100 years or so), or catastrophic collapse (a' la' USSR, any day now).

  • ezekiel3

    Great post, and well summed! Here is a little anecdote for you:

    At the 2004 DC I attended, the "Watchers" (men assigned to spy on the group with binoculars and two-way radios) were seated directly behind me. They spent the lunch break talking about their retirement accounts (they were both about 30-40 years old). Nothing "spiritual" was mentioned, no talk of "Armegeddon", not a bit about "trusting in Jehovah" - just hard cash and IRAs.

    Do I sense a complete disconnect between JW people and the doctrine? Hell yes. Welcome to the hollow organization.

  • DaCheech


    Unfortunately like I said before there are probably 80% of young to lower middle age who make face, but inside do not believe in this crap!

    I wish I could have snapped out of it when I did not go to college due to indoctrination!

    There was this personal experience I read on the net where this lady was working for the san diego municipal

    goverment, and because she believed in the 75 date.... she asked her personnel dept no to pay pension duty! they refused

    how glad she is now that she can expose the witnesses because she retired at 55 years old and can devote her full time ministry to the real "truth" about the "troof"

  • Pole


    Good points.

    One thing I would add is the deteriorating quality of WTS publications. Nauseating study topics like "Cultivating Generous Kindness" don't really keep the JWs going like the prophetic visions expounded in the WTs of the 1970s or 1980s.

  • czarofmischief
    Hey bud, I'll put 10 bucks on your prediction, but you need a time frame of it happening first

    It will happen by 3001, according to my Bible tables...


  • Soledad

    billiant post TS. I predict that it will make Net Soup.

    any wagers?

  • ezekiel3

    I laugh at the "faithful" JWs after the meeting. Their entire conversation has become cliche:

    "Wasn't that just an excellent talk?!" (The same talk they've heard repeated fro the last 20 years)

    "Have you read the article on <insert topic here>, isn't the faithful slave on top of things?"

    "I am so excited about using the new release on the end of this system!!" (It's a rehashed brochure people!)

    "It's the beginning of the service year again, doesn't time fly?" (Yeah, especially when you've been in the Armegeddon cue for 30 years)

    The words just fall out of their mouths like a bad habit, and then they go on to talk about their IRAs again.

  • dorothy

    Truthseeker, it's posts like this that make me smile and believe that the world is getting better, if only in some small way. Thanks.

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