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  • Corvin
    They are not mixing in your company for a social or spiritual exchange. This is 'family business' and considered legitimate to be in your presence.

    Fair point, simple. Then it will be too bad for them that they will be subjected to my "apostate beliefs and teachings" during the sessions, for in this instance, they cannot escape talking about the religion, which opens up lots of windows and doors and shuts others, namely "avoidance".

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    Corvin; this wasn't a win . it's a landslide. the best part being your kids call when and were they visit and what is said and done at such visits. since your x wife sounds like a conpletely brain dead wt zombie, i give her less than a month to violate the order about preaching. that will be interesting , to see what the judge does in nov. i know she will'nt be able to keep her mouth shut. for your hard work you get to expose the wt for what they are once a week , and your x has to listen to it. reap what you sow. comes to mind here. so now the shoe is on the other foot. i caqn see it now she going to make a fool of her self in theropy. and you will have all the wt articles to prove she's a liar. that's your reward, to force her to a study once a week. who knows she may be posting here in 6 monthslol. boy that judge took all the wind out of the wt sails in your family. just hope your girls make out o.k. john ps just thinking your at sessions and the subject come up about jehovah killing all non jw's or god only here's the prayers of jw's etc. and of course your x says they never teached that, and you say it's right here in the sept 15 wt. she calls you a liar again, then the theropist says she wants to see the bound volume. next week . with stuff like this happening week in and week out. at least you will get the satisfaction you were right all along . and you can just sit there with glee and she melts in the chair.

  • freedom96

    Very happy to see some justice! I am from San Diego, and have spent some time in the family courts. Hopefully, if need be, the judge will enforce his orders.

    Don't allow your ex any wiggle room!!

  • Special K
    Special K

    This is just fantastic news for you and the kids.

    I'm really happy for you, Corvin.

    Special K

  • hillbilly


    Hell ya!


  • ezekiel3

    Very very interesting about the counseling sessions. Study up on mind control and cult practices, most family counselors have no idea about cults. And save your transcripts, I will buy your book!

  • hubert



  • Soledad

    I am overjoyed Corvin for this is a great VICTORY. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your children. I could picture in my mind right now how those therapy sessions are going to go down!!

    We should all thank JEHOVAH for this blessing!! lol!!

  • bisous

    Corvin: It doesn't get much better than this. We all can see the immense love you possess for your family. I am very happy for you and encourage you to continue to put the needs of your children above all else during this time...including therapy, as of course you know this is just the beginning and not the end of your battle for their well being.

    Wishing you all nothing but the best, Bisous

  • Jim_TX



    But... I sit here with an uneasiness... if they have no qualms about lying on issues to the judge... then you may have a most difficult time ahead of you.

    Tread carefully, friend - document and if possible photograph (and not fuzzy ones) everything.


    Jim TX

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