What Is Your Favorite Drink or Cocktail???

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  • Insomniac

    I'm not much of a drinker, but fuzzy navels are nice- all they are is peach schnapps and orange juice, on ice. Long ago, in the midst of a major depression, I developed a relationship with Southern Comfort, drunk straight from the flask. Unfortunately, the taste and smell of it now are so entwined with the memories of those old feelings, that I can no longer drink the stuff without feeling despair.

    Alcohol aside, the drink that really rocks my boat is a triple cappucino, light foam, from Bohemian Coffehouse-10,000 times better than that swill those teenagers at Starbucks serve.

  • pratt1

    Johnnie Walker Black - On the rocks - witha smooth cigar.

    Also, Amstel lite.

  • gypsywildone

    I'll have one of flyinhigh's margaritas please! But really, just one. I hate to be around sloppy drunks & kind of gave it up years ago. Once drinking became legal, it just kind of lost it's appeal for me.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ...scotch neet; (preferably Johnny Walker Black) we are old friends....

  • Mulan
    Kahlua, Bailey's and Grand Marnier layered in a glass or on the rocks.

    That combo is really, really good in a BIG mug of coffee too.

    Amaretto Sour

    I was in Vegas with 5 friends last July, and one of them kept ordering those. Yummy!! I had never heard of it, but the bartender there didn't bat an eyelash.

    My favorite drink, that I can't get through a day without, is COFFEE.

    If you mean alcoholic drink................there are so many. I like Single Malt Scotch the best, but love a good Beefeater Martini too. I also love a good Shiraz.

  • DireStraitJacket

    tap water (yeah, ours is drinkable)

    triple vodka and coca cola, Absolute Red when I can afford it, or Smirnoff, and occasionally
    when times are rough Russian Bear.

  • Carmel

    Orange Julius with a twist!

    Lately though it's been Slim Fast!


  • TresHappy

    Strawberry Daiquiri!

  • Tuesday

    I thought I was going to be the only one who chose something non-alchoholic, my favorite drink was Surge which they don't make anymore, Then it was Double Fudge Yoohoo, which they also don't make anymore. If I like something it's the kiss of death for the product.

  • minimus

    Tuesday----don't like Diet Coke, please.

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