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  • Rabbit
    TJ: How much does your friend's or loved one's opinions influence yours?

    If I consider them a friend, I'm more likely to have a lot in common with them already. I am more likely to open up and tell all and even argue debate the point.

    If it's a loved one, that's different. I usually know how they believe, if we talk I'll give my opinion -- and then leave it alone if it seems it will only cause a division or hard feelings between us. For instance, my 'worldly' realtives that now know I'm voting this year for the first time. They may never know who I'll vote for, my opinion is not worth making trouble over, in most cases.

    Another thing that influences me is their age, experience, and respect they have and show to me and others.

    How resistant are you to forming an opinion if you know that it differs from theirs?

    I make my decisions after looking at every angle I can, I've been told it's a fault of mine to 'over-analyze' things. If I still disagree, I'll stick with my opinion until I see myself, I'm wrong or shown to be wrong. I have no problem, except for being embarrassed, in admitting it if I err.

  • outnfree

    I have a hard time expressing my opinion if I think it's going to 'rock the boat.' It's an insecurity, I'm sure, and one I'm trying to grow out of.

    However, that said, it's wonderful to see TJ, Belmont, and DannyBear here today.


  • pettygrudger

    On internet discussion boards, I feel that it does take some time of reading a particular person's posts to get an "overall" sense of where they're coming from.

    In your example, for "Sam" to take the selective quotes/posts given as "proof" of an person's entire persona by Joe, would be a huge error in judgement on "Sam's" part. To base his "opinion" on "selective" information also doesn't go much to individual thinking on his part. And the black/white thinking - well, that pretty much speaks for itself.

    Any person could potentially look good or bad depending on what "proof" is used. An objective person would take the "overall" person when forming their own opinion.

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