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  • Xena

    A large percentage of what you find on these discussion boards is opinion. Someone posts a fact or two and then everyone gives you their opinion of it based on what is presented, other facts they might be aware of, personal experience and/or gut reactions. Then each person tends to determine how valid that opinion is based on how well it is presented, what it seems to be based on and probably how it jives with their own opinion.

    That's why they call it a discussion board...we discuss how we feel, think, view different topics. In other words, we give our opinions on everything, even when they don't agree with the person who started the thread or other viewpoints contained therein the thread. Personally I find it interesting to see alternate viewpoints even when they don't agree with mine. And I have been known like E-man to change my opinion after reading, pondering and researching the opinions of others.

    Course this is all just MY opinion.

  • Belmont

    Many of us here were once of the opinion that we were in God's organization, but an opinion is just a persuasion of the mind without certain knowledge. We could have stayed where we were and let the opinion calcify into unthinking dogma. Apart from our experience in a cult, just listening to phone-in radio reveals bigoted, hardened opinions every day. However, John Milton said, "opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making". so maybe, changing our opinions shows we're growing. (A bit late for some of us after forty years' arrested development!)

  • iiz2cool

    To a degree, we're all products of our environment and experience. I think it would be difficult to have an opinion that is not influenced to some degree by those we interact with.


  • SAHS


    I think that your post was very enlightening, and that?s my opinion. . . . Or is it?


  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    1. Everyone has a Belief System (BS)
    2. Never take anyone else's BS too seriously.
    3. Never take your own BS too seriously! - Robert Anton Wilson

    humans are natural born liars, they sponteniously start around age 4 and you can see this by asking a four year old any question.

    many of them are absolutely sure about things they dont have a clue about.

    those who never grow out of this certainty become leaders and clergy

  • xjw_b12

    Good topic TJ

    Nice to see DannyBear back btw

    I have to agree with what E-man said, which does reinforce what you said in your opener, about how our opinions are most definately shaped by the people around us, and the information we have at the time.

    so maybe, changing our opinions shows we're growing.

    IMO Belmont should post more often.

  • teejay

    How much does your friend's or loved one's opinions influence yours?

    How resistant are you to forming an opinion if you know that it differs from theirs?

    Personally, I have a strong strain of non-conformity and rebellion (I know... shocking!) so I think I'm more resistant than average. I think. How about you?

  • Mecurious?

    1.How much does your friend's or loved one's opinions influence yours? If it jives with my world view and my life experinces then I consider it. If the opinon is "pc' or something way out from left field I immediatley discard it. 2.How resistant are you to forming an opinion if you know that it differs from theirs? Not resistant at all. I think everyone has their own mind on things. But, I hold certain ideas, beliefs, and principles so strongly that if I found out that we differed we would probably no longer be friends. Of course this would have to be something extreme as im known for being very patient with people. 3.Personally, I have a strong strain of non-conformity and rebellion (I know... shocking!) so I think I'm more resistant than average. I think. How about you? Yes, to the nth degree! Merc

  • Greenpalmtreestillmine
    Greenpalmtreestillmine my opinion.... my opinions change as I learn more about myself.

    So far if I have an opinion based on generalizations then I know that opinion is most likely way off base. But if I have taken the time to look at both sides of an issue or problem and tried to see things from the perspectives of others then my opinion may be closer to the mark. For instance, I used to really get angry with Republicans and especially George Bush. But after spending some time looking at both sides I have come to feel that both political parties have something good to offer and both are lacking. As for President Bush I still will not vote for him but I do recognize that there are other fine members of the Republican party who would have made a much better President than Bush and so in part my dislike with the Republican party was based on my dislike for President Bush and his Administration and not totally on the Republican party itself.

    It's true that our family, friends, culture, life style and so on, all influence our opinions. It is unavoidable but it can be mitigated by honestly considering opposing thoughts and opinions from the perspective of others, from their culture, their family, their friends, their life style etc.

    That's what I've been trying to do (emphasis on the trying!) and I believe it will turn out for the better in my life, in my opinion.....I hope!


  • pettygrudger

    I tend to have my own opinions, and voice them, but find that I learn the most when I put my viewpoint to the side & at least try to understand the other.

    That's why I have such a hard time making up my own dang mind! And I'm not really sure what that means.

    There are certain individuals (i.e. my hubby's, good friends) that I put quite a bit of stock into. I have a high level of respect for them and think of some of them as much more intelligent than I. So I try to incorporate their thoughts into a POV I might be struggling with. But, it inevitably turns out what I "decide" seems to be either right/left of center of anyone else's - it's as if part of me REFUSES to believe either side of any issue has it all figured out (dependant on the issue of course).

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