Well nothing is broken...

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    thank goodness.

    For the last couple of days one toe has felt so bruised I could barely touch it. The today the other foot swelled up and I can barely touch any of that. I don't need this.

    Back in May a doctor put me on an anti-inflammatory drug. It seemed to work for a week or so and then I was back to square one so I stopped taking it.

    Well it seems I need something to keep the inflammation down.

    For those of you who don't know I suffer from metatarsalgia which is an inflammation of the large pad that crosses your foot behind your toes. Most people who get this get it in only one foot. I'm lucky enough to have it in both feet. I can only be on my feet for 5 minutes at a time or I wind up in serious pain. I use a wheelchair for anything outside the home that requires more than five minutes. Inside the home I have adapted by using a high stool in the kitchen and do one heck of a lot of sitting the rest of the time.

    exrays show nothing wrong. A bone scan showed only mild arthritis but not enough to be causing the pain. I was originally diagnosed as having Plantars Fasciitis but that has been rules out. Maybe there is a neuroma but so far nothing conclusive. I went to an orthopedic surgeon a month ago and have been scheduled for an MRI which will take about 3-6 months to get. But I won't be here.

    This past year has been really tough on me and tougher on my marriage. I am planning to leave Oct 12 and move back to the Montreal/Ottawa area near my children. Due to my health problems and the logistics of trying to pack and prepare for the move I have to draw this out. Packing is slow since I can only do 5 minutes at a time. But I am getting there.

    Living on my own again will present some interesting challenges but I am going to a city that has excellent services for people with disabilities plus the opportunity for me to find work is much greater than here of if I return to Montreal (where French is almost mandatory to find work).

    Back to tonight. Due to the swelling I was concerned I had broken something. Because of the metatarsalgia I have numbness in my toes so if I had hit them on something I would not necessarily be aware of it immediately. Well they did some xrays and nothing looks broken. So they put me back on anti-inflammatories again - Vioxx this time. Hopefully it will reduce the swelling and keep it down especailly over the next month or so.

    I'm hoping after I move the stress will be reduced and I can handle the pain better.

    PS my apologies for being a tad "off" over the last few days. Pain and stress are my excuses.

    Oh and if I disappear for a bit just know I will be back. It just might take me a bit longer than I want to get hooked up to the net again.

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  • shotgun

    So sorry for your pain Lady Lee

    It's so hateful to suffer and then not have doctors able to nail down exactly what the problem is.



    Sorry to hear.

    Thanks for letting us know.

    I'm sending you positive energy and lots of love and hugs.



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  • Panda

    Lady Lee, I am so sorry that so much upheavel is occurring in your life. It never really settles down does it? I'm familiar with chronic illness. I hope that your packing doesn't become an emotional horror. Please come back to us. Panda

  • Gretchen956

    ((((Lee)))) All my thoughts, well wishes, positive energy, and prayer go out to you through your tourmoil and pain.
    Here's hoping that the move will go smoothly and you'll get settled quickly. Take care!


  • jgnat

    Take care, Lee. I will do my best to wait out your return.

  • outnfree

    Glad nothing is broken ((((((((Lee)))))))), but sorry to hear about your misery.

    I, too, will be sending healing energy your way.

    Selfishly, I'm excited that you are going to be moving to the Montreal/Ottawa area. I would love to meet you in person! Perhaps you, Scully and I can hook up sometime next spring (tulip time?).


  • seeitallclearlynow

    I'm terribly sorry about all this Lee...and I agree with you that once you get moved and settled, you can't help but feel better. Being in a marriage at that stage can be so stress-inducing.

    I hope we hear from you soon.

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