Would You See A Therapist or Doctor To Help You Get Out of JWs???

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  • minimus

    There are a number of people that have been "out" of the organization for years yet they almost seem to live for the "old days". They might still be bitter , angry or depressed because of their past. But in a strange way, it seems like they never really want to get back into reality, into the real world. Have you noticed this? If you were extremely hurt by the organization, would you ever consider going to a professional for help??

  • cruzanheart

    I was, I did, I'm better! When I left the Borg, I started having panic and anxiety attacks because, of course, by leaving I was condemning my children to Everlasting Death. So I found a good therapist (sometimes you have to see more than one to get a good fit) and I was lucky enough to find one who had counseled other exiting JW's and knew what I was talking about. She was an impartial third party to whom I could just talk and say out loud all of my fears. Occasionally she would interject with a piece of good common sense and each week I left with something to think about. It helped tremendously. The panic and anxiety attacks gradually subsided and I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I've never looked back.

    Fortunately, I was seeing her and was just about getting over the whole Witness thing when Dad committed suicide, which added a good six months to my therapy.


  • minimus

    Seeing a pro to help get out of the JW mind control is actually a wonderful idea. One poster remarked that the first thing he did when he got out of the religion was go to a deprogrammer! He's about as normal an ex Witness as anyone I know.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    Yes, I did see a shrink; this was under the direction of some very good new "wordly friends" back in the late 70s and early 80s as I was doing a slow "fade". I did go through a rough time. After a couple of years in therapy I was diagnosed with " adjustment reaction to adult life"; and for lack of a better term; "culture shock".

    It was a good decision for me to be in therapy and I recommend it to others who feel unstable about transitioning to life in the outside world.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Min Min Min You know I luv ya but the question is backwards.

    It isn't Would You See A Therapist or Doctor To Help You Get Out of JWs???

    It is Would You See A Therapist or Doctor To Help Get the JWs out You ???

    I would suggest therapy for anyone who continues to have depression, anxieties, fears, or anger issues years after leaving the JWs. Helping people get to the source of those feelings and learning ways to cope with them can be the best thing a person does to recover from living in a high control group. It is the same kind of issues that abuse survivors experience and often requires professional guidance to overcome.

    I did it and it was helpful.

  • minimus

    I see only a few people would see a therapist for their JW affliction......Interesting.

  • minimus

    ......this still isn't a bad idea----to get professional help if you're consumed by your Witness past.

  • R.Crusoe

    Therapists are like avid book readers who read all you say and then try to give you their take. Different reader different take. When my dad died mum saw a therapist who advised her to keep us from the graveside to avoid trauma so I sat in a car with my 3 younger sisters and younger brother whilst everyone else went into the church service and then to the burial. Also I didn't get to see dad in hospital for three months till he died and so he never got to say whatever he would have said. Therapists may be useful for some but in my experience, they are full of shit!

  • ninja

    I sought my comfort in semi clad gnomes......and guinnii.....always guinnii

  • minimus

    Obviously, not all the rapists are good. I did that on purpose. Some screw with your brain. Some might be great whereas others might give horrible suggestions.

    Yet, if one were looking for help to get out of the religion, it might not be a bad thing. Some still seem like they're stuck in limbo.

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