Do You Feel That Stereotyping Nationalities Is Necessarily Wrong?

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  • minimus

    milfs too.

  • czarofmischief
    Of course it's wrong ... unless you're happy to be 'just another loud mouthed dumb American'

    Coffee not tea,

    Proper dentistry;

    3,000 miles from sea to sea,

    And I saw them all from my chevy!

    The new American anthem.


  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Its definitely something to be avoided. Sociological studies have shown time and again that people of the same socioeconomic class have more in common in regards to behaviours/outlooks than with people of their own ethnicity/race but different class.

    Even if at first it seems that a view/ideology is specifically associated with one ethnicity, that sort of racial profiling can be easily thwarted once the ideology spreads to like minded ones of a different nationality.

    If you were a JW, who would you feel safer around, a person from Philipines who also is part of Abu Sayyaf, or an Iranian who was ba'hai?

  • Abaddon

    What a typically Amercian question...

    Seriously; stereotyping is just part of the wonderful human behaviour that allow us to draw conclusions through a variety of pattern-matching abilities humans have.


    What is;

    1. red
    2. crunchy
    3. sweet
    4. moist

    ... deliberate double post coming up...

  • Abaddon

    ... now, the list in my previous post would have you thinking of a number of things...

    until I add 'fist-sized', when most people would conclude that it is an apple.

    We process individual human being just the same way.

    And just as most apples fit that description, most people from a certain culture will also fit a description.

    It is only when VALUES are added to that description (i.e. different becomes wrong or inferior) and sight is lost of the fact that in cultural good points/bad points, most cultures score the same. The Ducth are punctual. Jamaicans are not. A stereotype I have had proved to me a thousand times, but one which says nothing about any difference in 'worth' between individuals from the two cultures.

    So, for me stereotypes are funny, irreverent, sometimes inaccurate, but generally founded in reality... but they don;t actually MEAN anything in a larger context.

    So what if American's are brash and uncultured? So what if Jamaicans are perpetually late and relaxed? So what if the English are sarcastic and stuck-up? The Germans detail-obsessed and humourless? The Dutch up-tight and stingy?

    They all take a dump, they all bleed when you cut them. They all are capable of love and greatness, hate and infamy.

  • Xena

    hhhmmm I wouldn't call my lips crunchy exactly but I do enjoy having them nibbled on

    I think although some people do share common traits it's lazy to sterotype, it allows you to pigeon hole people without taking the time to get to know them.

  • Preston

    CRR, putting that picture of Lenny and Nicole to support your argument that young black guys dig hot older women isn't valid (ahem....she's younger than him). However, most girls I know dig black guys...and any guy who wants deep d**king with any hot chick better put some Lenny Kravitz on...its just the mystique...Damnit!!! I'm being stereotypical.....but in a good way....

  • StinkyPantz

    I don't think it's necessarily wrong, because SOME stereotypes are accurate. I just wish people would educate themselves as to the accuracy of the stereotype that they are commenting on .

  • roybatty

    I do love east Indian sterotypes and heck, they do own all the mini-marts and Dunken Doughnut shops around here. Or are those Pakistanis? I don't know. They're all the same anyways. lol. J/K. But they do make the best coffee! Is that sterotyping?

  • Snapdragon

    Another good one Mini!

    I love stereo types. I think they're hilarious. Most of 'em have a grain (just a grain) of truth, or they wouldn't still be around. Here's a couple of my favorites:

    1. Puerto Ricans: Hot blooded, Firey tempered, Think their little island is the ONLY little island.

    2. Germans: Love da beer, Da brats/meat in general, Polka

    3. African/Americans: Mama's take no $hit, Love the hoopdies, Know how to dance

    Just a few of my faves. So to answer the question, no, who cares if there are stereotypes floating around, as long as whole cultures and races aren't judged and weighed by them.


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