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  • Corvin

    Today, I am taking the girls to meet with the court appointed attorney. He will interview the girls and me together, then he will interview Sara and the girls together. It is his recommendation to the judge that will decide the outcome of this custody battle.

    I have spent the last week in preparation for this day and I only hope this attorney can see the truth once everyone has spoken.

    I visited Nancy on Saturday, and I told her that the judge encouraged her mother and I to try and work this out before it was taken out of the family law court?s hands and given over to the juvenile court, an 18 month nightmare for everyone. I promised Nancy I would do just that.

    I spoke to Sara on the phone and promised her I would back down and cease the picketing if we could come to an agreement. I offered to withhold audio and videotape evidence that would be damaging to her case. I offered to forgive and let go of her slander and false accusations of child molestation. I said that I would not have the elders investigated and possibly prosecuted for not reporting child abuse. She only denied that she was coercive with the girls, denied any fault or wrongdoing. She blamed me for everything and made a big scene on the telephone since she was talking to me in front of her family. She was yelling at me and asking why I was "so mad", and to stop yelling at her. I was using my calm "indoor voice" the entire time. She was misrepresenting to her family the nature of my call, which is fairly typical of her. I could get nowhere with her and told her I would just see her at the attorney?s office today.

    I saw Nancy again yesterday and explained what had happened on the phone with her mother and asked her to believe me when I say I really tried to work it out. Nancy said that she did believe me and that she can totally see her mom doing and saying those things because its what she always does. She was disappointed. She understands, I think, that her mother will not change on her own and she feels that mom needs some counseling and serious help. She said that she would compose a letter to the judge stating what she would like to see happen now.

    So, I will let you all know what happens after it is finished. We go to court again on the 23 rd when the judge will decide. I'll fill you in after that.

    Nancy is coming home tomorrow and we are so looking forward to her return.

    Thank you one and all for your support!


  • StinkyPantz

    I'm curious what the girls want. I've tried to keep up with your posts, but I don't recall reading what the girls want. Supervised visits w/mom? No visits at all?

  • Narkissos


    I wish you and your daughters the very best. I guess at this point a court decision is really necessary to have things settled for a while (it's about time).

    Take care,


  • Mecurious?

    I offered to forgive and let go of her slander and false accusations of child


    SO she accused you of molesting your own children? Man that sucks. Good luck!


  • Corvin
    I'm curious what the girls want.

    They want to continue living with me. They prefer unsupervised visits with their mother, but understand that unsupervised visits might not be advisable or recommended at this point. They want to have nothing more to do with stepdad. They want mom and stepdad to stop lying and badmouthing me, their dad. They want their mother and stepdad to stop talking religion to them. They do not want to go to the meetings or associate with only JW's. Since they have been going to counseling for so long now, they really want their mom to get some too. Most of all, and above all, they simply want a mother whose love is not contingent on the religion. They want a relationship with her. It is the only thing really withheld from them in their young lives.

    All of these things are fair and all of these things are their right under the law.


  • Bryan

    Good luck Corbin for you and especially your children.


  • Shakita

    Hey Corvin,

    I am so sorry that your ex failed to see reason. She is downright psycho. Why can't she put aside her venom for just a minute and put first her own daughters? You have my support Corvin. I am rooting for you that the court appointed attorney will recommend that you gain custody of your daughters. It seems to me that your ex needs psychiatric care. Either that or a Watchtowerectomy.

    My wife and I send our love to you and to your daughters.

    Mr. + Mrs. Shakita

  • jgnat

    Hmmm, is there any way you can arrange to talk to your ex when she doesn't have an audience? That may be the only time she may approach reasonable. It would be nice to see court-mandated counselling for your ex. Especially if it is scheduled for meeting night. ;-)

  • TrailBlazer04


    You and the girls will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know how it goes. If you want to talk, you have my email.


  • Sunnygal41

    Good Luck, Corvin, my prayers and thoughts are with you and the girls.

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