OMG, the stink,,,,,,

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  • kls

    Last-night i am getting ready to go to bed when i hear my hubby holler ( " OMG THEY STINK) i go running out to the living room and yep ,both dogs got sprayed full blast right in the face by a skunk. The stench was making me gag . One dog runs in my bedroom and is rubbing her face all over my bed to get the stinging to stop . Swell, now i have to change all my bedding but not till i get the dogs in my shower to wash them and put anti stink stuff i got from the vet from years ago when my Golden Retriever was sprayed. So i grab my Basset first he is small and easy to handle and my shower is very small . I wash him and i am gagging being trapped in a very small space with the smell was horrible. First one is done now the second dog , a 90 Blood Hound and it was a fight just to get her in the shower. Finally after i received a bloody foot and a bruise she is done.

    Now it is time to change all my bedding so i can finally go to bed . Well that would be to easy , the stench in the house was so strong my nose and throat were burning but in a certain spot it would get worse, so i go up stairs and yep in the computer room i have a spare bed and they must have been on that bed also trying to rub the stench off their faces so more bedding had to be changed and washed . Yes they still smell ,not as bad but they have an aroma about them .

  • Elsewhere


    Time to shew those dogs out of the house!

  • gypsywildone

    This happened to us at 2 am! It's downright chemical warfare those skunks have

  • Stefanie

    Well, no wonder you havent been around to play sis!

    I can only imagine the stink on them. A couple of years ago i was driving down a highway and came across a dead skunk in the road. I turned off my ac and sped past it! It didnt matter cuz the smell stayed on the car for two days!

  • kls

    Gypsy, you are so right and i know my stupid dogs had their noses up it's butt.

  • Special K
    Special K

    EEEWWWWW !!!!!!!!

    (running for cover, holding nose)


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ..we don't have skunks on Long Island.....

  • Stefanie
    Oh my sis it was so stinky and my bed room stunk so bad i had to sleep under the covers all night and hoping my hubby wouldn't fart under the blankets. How much bad air can you handle in a night.

    I hope it went well...

    *hands kls some perfume for hubby and blankey*

  • gypsywildone

    In person, it isn't even much like a dead skunk. It's sooo much more! It takes your breath away!

    Tomato juice fixed it for us. And I have no doubt my dogs would do it again in a minute!

  • Mulan

    One more reason to NEVER have dogs IN the house.

    I love dogs, but not in my house..................ours has a nice dog house, so the doggie smells stay outside, and if a skunk got her, we wouldn't have to "enjoy" the smell.

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